Room Makeover (Present Perfect)

I want to tell you about the makeover I have recently done to my room. I have ripped the old wallpapers from the walls and painted them mint green so now I can enjoy my favourite spring colour all year around. I have sorted out (cleaned) my closet to be able to find the clothes I need more easily. I have sorted out my school papers and donated a lot of paper for recycling. They can make paper towels from it. I have placed (put) a special box under my desk that I now use for used paper.

I have also given away some of my old toys to local charity, so other children are playing with them at the moment. I have moved my bed closer to the window and there is more space in my room right now. I have put up pretty pictures and artworks on the walls and the whole place looks more colorful.

I have purchased (bought) a new fluffy rug from an online shop so my feet are warm. I have asked my mum to move a coffee table from the basement for me to put all my design magazines on. It suits my room perfectly! I have prepared for a new school term as well and have recently purchased a few stationery things like crayons and pens.

Questions and tasks:

1. Look through the text and find the words in the Present Perfect Tense. Underline them. Explain why is it right to use Present Perfect.

2. Explain the meanings of these words: sort out, purchase and place. Look at the other words in italics. What do they mean? Speak in English.

3. Without looking at the text try to write down some things the author have done to their room. How has it changed?

4. Imagine that you have done your own room makeover. How has it changed the way it looks now?

5. Do you know about recycling? Why do people do that? Have you donated something for recycling yet? Do you want to do it? Use the plan if you need.


1. Have or haven’t you got rid of the things you don’t need? Have you thrown them away or have you donated them? Why? Have you talked to your parents about it?

2. Have or haven’t you changed colors of your walls? What colors are your walls now? Do you want to change the colors of the walls in your room?

3. Have or haven’t you sorted out all of your school papers and stationery? Were there a lot or a few things?

4. Have or haven’t you moved your desk, bed or sofa? If yes, do you have more space in your room now?

5. Have or haven’t you purchased some new things? Where are they now? Do you plan to purchase something/something else?

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