Worksheet "​​Routines" (Present Simple)

by Karina Shevchuk

Age: 9-10

Level: elementary

Concerns: daily activities, prepositions of time


Ask children to read through the activities, help them if necessary, ask them to choose 10 different activities with different preposition of time.

Children ask question:s What do i do at 10 o’clock? about themselves, others guess.

A group of children ask one child: What do you do at 10 o’clock?

To play football at 10 o’clock

To eat cheeseburger for dinner

To sleep in bed at night

To do the laundry on Saturday

To go to the church at Easter

To read interesting book in the evening

To go to the sea in June

To wear raincoat in autumn

To have lunch at noon

To listen to music on Sunday morning

To go to the cinema on 20 October

To sing carols on Christmas Day

To watch TV every evening

To play computer games on Fridays

To talk to friends on the phone at noon

To go shopping with mother every Saturday

To hang out with friends on Sunday afternoon

To write a diary at half past nine

To collect badges in summer

To take a dog for a walk at 7p.m

To ride a bike in spring

To go ice-skating in winter

To draw cartoons at noon

To cook spaghetti for supper

To do nothing (relax) on holidays

To work in the garden with family in autumn

To chat to friends in the evening

To have piano lessons on Wednesday

To travel abroad in summer

To give presents and cards, decorate a Christmas tree at Christmas

To dress up, knock at doors and ask for sweets at Halloween

To take exams in the end of the year

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