Sample Letter: Healthy Lifestyle

You’ve received a letter from your English pen friend in which he/she complains that he/she feels tired every day and wants to start a healthy lifestyle. Write a letter in which you tell him/her

  • where he/she can get information on a healthy lifestyle
  • if you follow a healthy lifestyle and why or why not
  • what he/she should do to give up a bad habit
  • Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not use your real name or any other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way


    Dear Bella,

    How is it going on? Thanks Gods, I am fine. I have recently received your letter, in which you write about your tiredness because of wrong lifestyle.

    I had some experience connected with unhealthy lifestyle: overeating sweets, having inactive weekdays. There is a lot of information on special sites, for example «Health life», «No bad habits». Besides, you can buy some books on your problems. Finally, why not resort to Health – Medical center and take brochure for information.

    When I was overeating sugar containing products, I started to gain weight and my state worsened. This is why I keep to routine of the healthy habits. By the way, I go in for sport. I have become slender and feel perfect.

    If you ate healthy food, it would be good, if there were not any fast-food in your fridge. You should get self-disciplined and every day tell yourself: «I love myself so much, that I won’t myself take in junk food» . It would be great if you did sports. I advise you to choose a big tennis, because the total number of calories is burned per hour of game and this kind of sport is almost non-traumatic.

    I hope that I helped you. Good luck!

    Love Mary

    by Sonia Voitkova

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