Sample Essay: Punishment

Punishment is necessary for children to help them learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

One of the most important parts of human life is a society and everyone needs to know a difference between the acceptable and unacceptable behavior since their childhood. There is a mission of parents when they decide to give a new life to agree to the social rules for a new segment of another generation.

There are a lot of ways of teaching a good behavior that parents and trustees can choose from and decide on the best one to their mind. One of the most popular approaches in nurture is punishment. Lots of people use it, but not always it can lead to the expected effect.

Firstly, when parents apply this method to their kids, it can have a large influence on the relationship, now and then rather negative, and as a result, teens sometimes do not believe their mum or dad. Families are usually destroyed through these situations.

Moreover, there are children, who need some time to understand something, and punishment can make this process much slower.

On the other hand, a modern world is a place, where the strongest people control and lead, when other humans are used and obey. So, if parents teach their kids right things, the future of this child can be paved through by them.

Besides , this choice is a multiple to be used to solve problems, which always appears on the way of children’s teaching and humans cannot select this one or another right away.

Overall, there are some pluses and minuses of punishment and I think this kind of education is not suitable for all situations and it not always can have good results for both a kid and family.

Score 6,5

by Vlad Lysenko

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