Sample Essay: Studying Abroad

Choosing the higher educational institution is one of the most decisive choices in school life for every school leaver. I am, in particular, the one who is currently deciding where to go after passing exams, so this issue is pretty relevant to me. The question, which appears first is “where is the best place to get knowledge: in your country or abroad?”

there are some pluses and minuses in studying abroad. first of all, the level of education and life in general is much higher in European countries than in Ukraine. Teachers’ attitude to students is also quite more pleasant. Moreover, going to another country for such a long term gives an enormous amount of experience, which can help in an adult life.

But there is also a range of disadvantages in this way of studying. for instance, education, residence and food in Europe are much more expensive. And the last but not least, it is sometimes difficult to go of a comfort zone and change the hole rhythm of life especially in such a young age.

As for me, I’d prefer studying in my native country, because I figure out, it is more convenient and easy.

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