Sample Essay: Success

“When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

by Ivanna Yurchyshena

To begin with, let us try to understand, what success is indeed? I think, for everybody its description is different. Someone is happy just about passing the exam or about compliment from a teacher, while someone thinks, that the result was successful only, as nobody else had done the work better. To find out, what, normally, one needs to reach success, let us look at the chain of successful events.

At first, you have an idea, a desire to reach something. It can also just need managing new skills to pass an exam for instance. This turns into a prime, which accompanies you everywhere. As long as this thought remains in your subconscious, you devise steps to cause this thought to happen. Then, in the end, if everything has happened in a right way and the result of actions coincides with an initial idea, you think, that you have succeeded.

Basing on this description, it`s obvious, that success comes as a result of a hard work. So, I want to emphasize, that I fully agree with the quotation in the task. Furthermore, I have a few more arguments for my opinion.

First of all, as for this case of luck: I agree, that luck happens and one can without hard work, pass, for example, an exam (with learning only a couple of lectures, not all of them). But for the achievement of prime, in this case Bachelor or Master’s Diploma, students need to pass a lot of exams. If, supposedly, one has luckily without learning all information, done this and obtained a university degree – this person is really lucky one, but is this success indeed? When after 4 years of studying, someone didn`t managed all necessary qualifications, but has only good grades in the diploma?

Secondly, if people succeed, it`s a durable action. In other words, it lasts. If one succeeds only one time, nobody pays actually attention to this. People get a label of success, only if everybody is talking every day about them. So, it`s impossible, to luckily achieve perfect results all time. And if, supposedly, it happens, you need to do some work to unite these unitary occasions in one business.

So, also, if luck happens, it isn`t a synonym for success.

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