Sample Essay: Work

Should people work for money or for pleasure?

For a number of people, a job is the most important component of their lives. Thanks to their occupations, people have some abode, a vehicle and can care about their children, but sometimes, a job turns into the endless searching of money and the main goals become secondary.

To some extent, money is the most momentous thing in people’s lives. While having money, one can buy almost anything: food, drinks, entertainment, luxury items, whereas no people lose lion’s share of opportunities and pleasures.

People’s age and social status can be key factors for either having money or not. People, who do not have money, are usually homeless or beggars, or they can be students or children, who are cared about by adults.

Moreover, rich countries, which have good medicine and many other possibilities provide a lot of paid services: medicine, education, which aggravates the situation and the destitute can sometimes die, because they cannot pay for their treatment.

For instance, a homeless person can have illness living outside. Their condition can worsen and they can die without an appropriate and timely therapy.

Though opponents claim that a job should be interesting and give excellent emotions to workers.

This statement is amazing for everybody, because if a person likestheirown job, they have much bigger progress and development, they climb the career ladder much faster, they achieve the desirable a lot easier.

For example, if somebody, dislikes their job, they do it slowly, for hours, reluctantly, but a person, who likes it, can do this work for a half of hour, for instance, deriving as much pleasure as possible.

Overall, everyone can choose their own way. Both options have advantages and whereas somebody likes money, others like the very job itself, and everyone has a choice.

                                                                                                                  by Vlad Lysenko

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