Sample Letter: Concert

Some days ago you went to a concert of your favorite group. Write a letter to your friend in which: tell him/her about your tastes in music

  • describe the place where the concert took place and how you got there
  • comment on the feelings the concert inspired in you
  • say why attending live performances is more enjoyable than watching some on TV.

Write a letter of at least 100 words.

Do not write any dates or addresses.


Dear penfried,

How is it going? As for me I am fine. Thank you very much for your recent letter and I want to apologies to you for not writing so long. 

I want to tell you a great piece of news I have been to a concert of Imagine Dragons I know that you like this group. It took place three days ago on the central stage of Kiev, and it was very hard to get there because I had to buy a ticket half a year before. I was surprised that there were so many people. 

I think that you know that the popularity of this group skyrocketed a year ago, so I took much delight from their concert. I felt so energetic and I was full of excitement, I couldn’t help dancing.

I want to recommend you to attend a live concert of your favorite band no matter how expensive it may be, because this provokes unforgettable feelings, which cannot be compared with a concert on TV, when you don’t hear a real sound of this composition and don’t feel the vibes.

I think that you will listen up to my advice and obligatorily will visit a concert in your town.

Best wishes

Your friend

by Ivan Panasov

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