Sample Writing ZNO 2019

You’ve read a book about a famous person. You’ve decided to share your impressions with a pen-friend. Write a letter to your English pen-friend in which you tell him/her

  • who the book is about and what this person is famous for
  • what area of activity you’d like to achieve success in and why
  • what personal characteristics one should have to succeed in life.

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write your own name, any dates, addresses or other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way.


Dear friend,

How are you getting on? Long time no see.

I’ve read such an interesting book recently - the biography of British princess Diana. Did you know that although she was a part of the royal family, she did not have very warn relationship with other members, nevertheless, she was widely accepted by Britons. Diana was a devoted philanthropist. She dedicated most of her time to charity missions, like helping sick kids or visiting orphanages all over the world. No wonder, she is a role model for thousands of modern girls.

What about me, I am really into it. This activity is thriving nowadays. I would like to set up my own company to create household robots. Cleaning a house is so time - consuming! Such robots would come in handy and give people more time to enjoy their lives.

To my mind, gaining success is impossible without being determined. If you know exactly what you want to achieve, you won’t be afraid of any obstacles. Being realistic is very important as well. Success takes time and effort. Be ready to sacrifice both and not get the result. Face the reality and go on. Eventually you will be rewarded.

Which features are important for succeeding for you? And, by the way, what are your thoughts on Diana’s personality?

Write me back ASAP,

all the best,

your friend.

P.S. Would you be the first client to purchase my robot?


by Kate Buleza

Score: 14

Total score: 200

Dear John,

How are you? How things are going? What about your girlfriend? Have not seen you for ages.

By the way, I am writing to tell you about one gorgeous book called “The city of the rain”. It is about the son of Alexander von Humboldt, Karl Fridrig. This man is known as perfect biologist and traveller. A book is about his adventures with friends and small kiwi. Karl is also famous for his mind, abilities and achievements. Moreover, after seventeen years, he found his son, Oscar. I think Karl is one of the most interesting and the cleverest people in the world.

Besides, I am a person, who likes to travel too. But I do not think I have enough money for that. In my opinion, I am good at writing the poems. My mum also says that I am talented. So, I think I would be a great writer. If you want to read my poems, you can write me about it in your next letter.

Sometimes, I think about characteristics that person should have to succeed in life, Anyway, you should be responsible, clever and good. You need to use your mind to do something special for yourself, your family and even world. Do not be a fool. If you want to be successful use your life. You should live now, because you have got only one chance to realize your plans.

I hope, you really like this letter and it is informative for you. Write me back as soon as you can.

Lots of love.


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