She Identified Herself

Liza was an attractive young woman, and she always combed her hair neatly and wore pretty clothes. She worked in a small town and earned enough money to take a vacation in the mountains during the summer.

The first time that Liza went there, she discovered that she hadn't brought enough money. At first she was worried, but then she remembered that she had brought her checkbook with her and went to the bank to cash a check. The bank teller had never seen Liza before but he knew I hat a lot of people were stealing checkbooks and using them, so he said to her, "Can you identify yourself, please?"

Liza had never been asked to do this in her home town, so she looked puzzled for a moment, but then she took her mirror out of her handbag, looked at it, and then said happily, "Yes, it is me."

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. Where did Liza go for the vacation?
  2. Why did she have to go to the bank during her vacation?
  3. What did the bank teller ask her?
  4. Why did he say this?
  5. How did Liza feel about this?
  6. What did she do and then say?
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