She Sold Her Shoes

A large store was having its spring sale on shoes and boots. It was the first day of the sale and the shoe department was full of women who was eagerly trying to buy them. There were all kinds of shoes and boots in a variety of colors, and the prices had been reduced a lot, because the store wanted to get rid of as many as possible in order to make room for their new stock.

The cashiers were kept busy, and at one moment a woman came to one of them with her money in her hand and said, «I don't need a bag, thank you. I'm wearing the shoes I bought.» She pointed to them on her feet.

«Would you like to put your old shoes in there?» the cashier asked politely as she took the woman's money.

«No, thank you,» thewoman answered quickly, «I've just sold those to someone else»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What were on the sale in the large store that week?
  2. Why did they begin to sold cheaply?
  3. Was the sale successful?
  4. What did a woman say to one of the cashiers?
  5. What did the cashier ask her?
  6. Why didn't the woman need a bag?
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