Sunshine in a Box

Victor is from Guatemala, but now he lives in New York City.

Victor likes New York in the summer, but he doesn't like New York in the winter. He feels terrible in the winter. He gets headaches and stomachaches often. He sleeps too much — 16 or 18 hours every day. He also eats too much. Sometimes he eats 20 candy bars in 15 minutes! And he is always sad.

Why does Victor feel terrible in the winter?

Victor feels terrible in the winter because he needs sunshine. In New York, there is only a little sunshine in the winter.

So, Victor buys a Sunbox. A Sunbox is a big light. In the winter, Victor sits under the Sunbox for two or three hours every day. Then he feels fine. He doesn't have headaches or stomachaches. He doesn't sleep too much or eat too much. He is not sad.

Many people in the North have Victor's problem: They feel terrible in the winter because they need sunshine. So, they buy Sunboxes. They say, "The Sunbox is sunshine in a box." But Victor says, "My Sunbox is Guatemala in a box!"

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