​The Bubble Biting Water

It is summer. Holiday time! The family of seven are going to visit their grandma. They are traveling by train. There are five girls in this family. The smallest one is Nell. She is just about three years old. She can’t speak correctly. Nell is sitting near the window and talking with her sisters.

‘Look! The sun is big and right,’ she says.

‘Not right, say bright,’ says the oldest sister.

Right, dright, bright, the sun is yellow and bright,’ repeats Nell. “The sun is shining rightly,’ says Nell.

‘Not rightly, say brightly,’ says her third sister.

Rightly, drightly… the sun is shining b, b, brightly,’ says a little girl. ‘It is very hot. I am tirsty. I want to drink. Give me a glass of nineral water please,’ she says.

‘Not tirsty. It is a wrong word. Can you say thirsty? It is very easy. Repeat after me th, th, thirsty, thirsty, thirsty... I am thirsty,’ teaches her second sister.

‘Th, th, thirsty. I am very th, th, thirsty. I want a glass of nineral water,’ says Nell again.

‘Not nineral. Say m, m, mineral water,’ teaches her fourth sister. ‘Say. I want a glass of mineral water and I’ll give you.’

Nell is trying to say this word but she can’t. She is looking at the bottle with mineral water and thinking about something.

‘I am thirsty, give me a glass of bubble biting water,’ smiles Nell.

Write these words correctly

right – _____________

rightly – ______________

tirsty – ______________

nineral – ______________

Write this story, put down the words from the story in gaps

It is s____________ . The sun is b_______________ . It is shining b_______________ . The little boy is th_______________ . He wants to d_______________. He wants a glass of m_____________ w______________. He can’t speak c______________. He says,’ I am th_____________, give me the g______________ of b______________ b____________ water.

Answer these questions

a) How many children are there in this family?

b) Who is the smallest girl?

c) How many sisters has Nell got?

d) How is the family traveling?

e) What is Nell doing now?

f) How many mistakes does she make in the words?

g) What words can’t she say correctly?

by Olena Chala

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