The Climate of Great Britain

The climate of Great Britain is oceanic. It is milder than that of other countries of the same latitude.

The west of Britain ismilder than the east, owing to the influence of the Gulf Stream. In fact, the eastern coast is drier too.

A British winter has very little snow and ice. Snow seldomlies upon the ground longer than a few days, even the seaports are never blocked up with ice during winter.

A British summer is warm and damp. There is sunshine enough to raise large crops, both in England and in the south of Scotland, though they are not sufficient to supply the want of the population.

The western coast, being damper, abounds in the good pastures for the cattle.

In London, rains fall on more than a hundred and eighty days in the year and in winter the brown fog comes very often.

The air from grey, yellow, orange, is changed to black.

In a dense fog the air is moist and thick.

All traffic is stopped, even at midday.

But a moderate wind which comes from the sea finally disperses the fog.

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