​The Elephant and The Monkey: Can, Have, Be

Level: A1- A2

An elephant and a monkey have an argument.

The elephant is strong. “ I am big and I am strong”. “I can pull a tree down. Can you?”.

The monkey is quick. “ I am fast, I can run. I can climb!” “Can you climb a tree? Can you hang from a branch?”

“Can you see that great fruit tree across the river? Let us go and pick the fruit from the tree”

So they go to the river but the water is very swift. The monkey is afraid.

“Get on my back,” says the elephant . “I can carry you. I am big. I am strong, and I am not afraid”, says the elephant.

They are soon near the big tree. But it is very tall and the fruit is very high.

The elephant can not pick the fruit. The fruit is too high, but his trunk is too short..

“Wait a minute,” says the monkey. “I can climb the tree”. The monkey is quickly up the tree. The monkey can pick the ripe fruit. So, the best thing in the world is friendship”.

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