The first. First. A first.



the first/second, etc as ordinal numerals relate to the ordered sequence.

Turn left at the first intersection.

I shall get back by the first train.

The first of her five daughters got married to a politician.

He is the first to admit he was not the best of patients.

The attack was the third so far this year.

first/second, etc as ordinal numerals;
! "the" is omitted before personal pronouns.

His first wife got married for the third time.

Her first day at school was intolerable.

The doctor's first duty is to respect thepatient.

His first problem is where to live.

first/second as an adjective/ adverb

He was first in his class.

Many valuable drugs have been recognized first as poisons.

Do you mind if I take a shower first?

She first picked up a guitar out of sheer boredom.

Career women put work first.

Football must come first.

I'd die first!

Two years ago Johnson came first in the one hundred metres at Seoul.

I do not remember who spoke first.

At first, he seemed surprised by my questions…

There's no time for boyfriends, my career comes first.

He stood second in line.

He came third in the poll with 149 votes.

First, it is wrong that the victims should have no remedy. Second, we have to involve volunteers to treat them.

a first/second, etc. as one of many or a first/second etc of many other times; a part of the whole.

I am on a first name basis with the president.

We travelled by air, a first for both of us.

A third of a mile is already behind.

There were three bedrooms, with potential for a fourth.

There's a first time for everything.

India spends over a fifth of its budget on defence.

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