​The Frog And The Ants Reading

Level: B1

Once upon a time there was a frog who lived on the very edge of a pond. He liked to leap about and once leapt so far into the woods that he lost his way.

After a time the frog met some ants. Dozens of them immediately crawled up onto his back, and hundreds more nobbled at his stomach.

“Oh, dear, aren’t you ashamed of biting a poor frog that has lost his way in the woods?” he sobbed.

The ants felt ashamed and quickly jumped back onto the ground. Bowing low before the frog, they said: “Dear frog, do be our guest ...”

The frog was only too glad to agree. He went to the ants’ house and sat in the place of honour. After he had eaten his fill, the ants offered to show him the way home.

“How kind of you!” cried the frog happily. “Let us go at once. It’s your turn to be my guests!”

When they arrived at the pond, the frog turned round and was surprised to see the whole shore was black with ants!

The frog’s eyes bulged out: “What shall I do now?” he thought frantically.

“Wait here, friends” he said at last, “while I go in and see about our dinner”. And he leapt into the water.

The ants waited one day, and a second. Finally, the ants’ queen grew angry.

“We’ll die of hunger if we wait here any longer for the frog to treat us!”

She tied her belt tighter and set off for home.

All the other ants tied their belts tighter and crawled back to their anthill. And since then and to this day ants wear tight belts while frogs have bulging eyes.

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