​The Wolf And The Lamb: Past Simple

Level: A1/A2

One day a little lamb lost his way in a dark forest. He ran here and there, but he could not find his way home. He was afraid and began to bleat. A hungry wolf heard him. The wolf was glad to see such a good dinner.

“Oh, Mr. Wolf,” said the little lamb,” please, show me the way home.”

“Show you the way home?!” asked the wolf. And he laughed: “I am hungry. I want to eat you. You’re so nice.”

“Oh, please, please, Mr. Wolf,” asked the lamb, “don’t eat me. Please, let me go!”

“No, no. I want to eat you,” said the wolf and jumped at the lamb.

But then the lamb had a good idea.

“Oh, Mr. Wolf,” said he, “I’ve heard that you can sing very well. And I like to dance. Please, sing for me, I want to dance. It will be my last dance before you eat me.”

The wolf liked to hear such words as he thought that he could sing very well.

“All right,” he said. “I often sing before my dinner. Today I’m very hungry, but I think I can sing just one song before I eat you. Dance now! It will be your last dance.”

So the wolf sang a song, and the lamb danced. He tried to dance very well.

When the wolf stopped, the lamb cried: “Your song was wonderful! But can you sing louder?”

“Yes, I can sing louder than any other animal in the forest. Listen!”

So the wolf sang a very loud song. And the lamb danced very well. But the wolf made so much noise that the dogs in the village heard him and ran into the forest to see what the matter was. When the wolf saw the dogs, he ran away. And the clever little lamb ran quickly home to his mother.

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