A Travel Agent

by Uliana Miniuchko

Nowadays Travel Agent is a very popular profession because all people love traveling. Travel agent is a person who gathers information about travelling all around Ukraine or abroad. This person knows all details you need to travel.

When you decide to go on a trip first you go to the travel agency. There you meet a kind person who is ready to help you. This is a Travel Agent. First of all a Travel Agent offers you all kinds of countries. Ukrainians usually choose hot countries like Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel and others. Then a Travel Agent helps you to choose a hotel. If you are a budget tourist he offers you cheap hotels. They are usually 3- star hotels. But if you have some savings he offers you 5 star luxury hotels. Nowadays it is popular to stay in hostels, villas, studios, apartments or penthouses. If you travel with little children a Travel Agent offers you one room with amenities and an extra bed. It is cheaper but less comfortable. A Travel Agent can also tell you that there are different kinds of service in a hotel. They are B&B, HB, FB and All inclusive. B&B (bed and breakfast) offers you a room and breakfasts. It's cool when you travel a lot and you don't come back to your hotel for lunch of dinner.

HB (half board) offers you a room, breakfast and dinner. It is convenient for people who don't know where to go in the evening. There are often performances during the meal. FB (full buffet) and All inclusive (where food and drinks are included in your trip) are perfect for families. Mothers can relax because their husbands have food and their children have fun with animation. A good Travel Agent sees what his client needs.

Travel Agent offers you traveling by a comfortable bus with a guide or without. A Travel Agent offers you a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. If you travel abroad a travel agent may suggest a trip by plane. Traveling by plane usually includes a meal. A plane is faster than a bus but the ticket is more expensive.
When you choose a trip a Travel Agent helps you with the documents. He can help you to get a visa, too. After you pay for your trip your Travel Agent wishes you a nice trip!

Follow-up questions:

  1. Is Travel Agent a popular profession?
  2. Why is Travel Agent a popular profession?
  3. What does Travel Agent do?
  4. Where do you go first when you decide to travel?
  5. Whom do you meet at the travel agency?
  6. What can you tell about Travel Agent?
  7. Travel Agent offers you all kinds of places, doesn't he?
  8. What countries do Ukrainians usually choose?
  9. What does Travel Agent do after offering countries?
  10. What is a budget tourist like?
  11. Are expansive hotels for you if you are a budget tourist?
  12. What hotels are for budget tourists?
  13. You have some savings, what hotels can Travel Agent offer you?
  14. What other places are popular to stay in nowadays?
  15. Where can you stay in if you travel with little children?
  16. Is it expensive to stay in one room with amenities?
  17. What kinds of service in hotels do you know?
  18. What does B&B service offer you?
  19. What does HB service offer you?
  20. What does FB service offer you?
  21. What does All inclusive service offer you?
  22. What services are perfect for families?
  23. Does HB service offer you a bed and breakfast?
  24. Describe travelling by bus. What does it include and what doesn't?
  25. Do you need a plane to travel around Ukraine? When may you need a plane?
  26. What is the difference in travelling by plane and by bus?
  27. What is better for you to travel by bus or by plane? Why?
  28. Who helps you with documents?
  29. Can Travel Agent help you with the documents?
  30. After what does Travel Agent wish you a nice trip?
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