Task 1

Traveller’s club

Imagine that you are in the traveller’s club (in which people are sharing their opinions about different ways of travelling). Tell about your opinion. 

For example: «As for me, I hate stuffy buses, trains, cars, planes. I like to ride my bike! And I'd like to recommend cycling. It's what you need. It's cheap, quick, and good for health. Of course, it needs a lot of energy. But you'll always have good health. I often travel to the village where my grandparents live. It's a perfect place to have a rest near a lake or walk in the forest. I usually leave the places if there are many hotels, cars, souvenir shops, and people with cameras».

Task 2

It’s a miracle

Imagine that you opened the door of the classroom and found yourself in... (give students cards with names of different places of the world – e.g.Hawaii, Scotland, the Amazon rain forest, Siberia). Tell the class: Where have you been? What was the weather like? What did you see there? What did you do there? 

For example: I have just been in Scotland. The weather was cold and rainy. I saw a lot of old buildings. I climbed mountains there.

Task 3


Work with a partner and decide which kind of transport is: dangerous? cheap? healthy? slow? expensive? popular? fast? comfortable? 

For example: I think that the most dangerous kind of transport is a car.

I agree. And the most comfortable is a plane.

I don’t think so. It’s a train… etc.

Task 4

I’m a star

Imagine that you are a very famous person. You travelled a lot. Tell journalists about your experience. Where have you been? What did you like/dislike there?

For example: Hi, I’m Stacy. I am a famous actress. I travelled a lot. I have been to the UK, Egypt and China. I liked shops in the UK, but the weather was horrible. Food in China was awful, but people were nice. Etc.

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