Verbs adding that + should / bare infinitive

Verbs adding
that + should / bare infinitive
agree I agree that she should be dismissed.
arrange He had arranged that the visitors (should) be brought down to his office.
advise She advised that we should keep a gate locked.
ask I ask that you should be obedient.
beg I beg that you forgive me.
concede We concede that we should surrender.
command He commanded that the army should advance.
decide They decided that the roof should be repaired.
demand The police demanded that he give them the names.
determine The demand determines that the price should be reduced.
ensure The client must ensure that accurate records be kept.
intend It is intended that coverage should be worldwide.
insist Right from the start he would have insisted that his son (should) embark on a proper profession.
order He ordered that we should start immediately.
propose He proposed that we should try homeopathic remedies.
recommend She recommended to us that our trip be / should be postponed.
request The chairman requested that the reports be considered.
require She required that everyone attend / should attend the meeting.
stipulate They stipulated that the best materials should be used.
suggest She suggested (to us) that an exception be / should be made
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