​When I Am In a Car

by Victotiya Voronina

Cars are an essential part of many people’s lives nowadays. Since their appearance many things have changed. Travelling from one place to another became easier and faster. Besides when we go by car, comfort during the trip is guaranteed. There are many types of cars: small, large, cargo сars, minivans, jeeps. All of them are multifunctional.

We have sport cars, ambulances, Police cars, buses, taxi, fire trucks and so on. All of these types have significant role in human life.

First and the most important role of the car is driving to work and back. Many people in big cities live far from their place of work. That’s why every morning and evening people use personal cars. Of course, an important component in the usage of the car is a driving license. Without this document you can't be a driver. If you drive a car without a license you can be caught by a police officer and suffer corresponding punishment.

Second role of the car is to travel to long distances, for instance, to other cities or countries. Millions of people all around the world adore travelling. We travel because we wish to see new countries and cities, visit historical places, meet new people and taste different cuisines. There are, of course, other ways of travelling: by bus, by train, by plane. However, only cars let me feel comfortable and free on the way. Therefore, my own choice is always a car.

Cars are always available and I can go by car everywhere. When I travel by car I am able to make a stopover in any place I like, to buy something, to take photos, I can stay at the same place as long as I want. Consequently, I will be able to see much more sights instead of being limited in freedom. What is more, travelling by car is much cheaper than travelling by plane or train. That is why you can save a big amount of money and spend it on your own needs.

When I travel by car I do not have to wait for the right time, as I do with public transport. It is very important, because I can travel spontaneously, wherever and whenever I want. When I travel by car, I don’t depend on the weather. I have enough privacy and I don’t have to share space with strangers and sometimes even suffer from terrible stench. I do not need to book some tickets – sometimes it's too complicated. I do not need to limit my baggage and check it weigh. My back and hands do not suffer from carrying heavy bags. I do not need to spend extra money to get to the station or an airport.I can choose my own route. All I need is only a map or GPS system and I can simply sit down at the steering wheel, start the engine, step on the accelerator with my foot and off goes the car.

Before the departure I have to check the condition of my automobile, wash my car, fill the car with petrol or gas, put all my baggage in the car trunk. There is enough place inside the car. There are two front seats, one of which is for the driver, three back seats and a big car trunk. So, I can usually take some passengers (friends,kids, relatives, family members) and other necessary goods which might be impossible otherwise.

While driving, I can listen to music or the latest news on the radio.As a passenger I sometimes read books, play games with friends, make pictures or even watch movies on my laptop. Many people choose cars because of the beautiful view from the window. If the weather is scorching hot we can use an air conditioner for having fresh air. Recently, I have bought one more device to my car. It's a Digital video recorder in order to protect my personal rights in the road situations. Yes, there are some disadvantages to be a driver. The driver cannot relax, he/she has to be careful all the time. That's why, it's very good to take someone who can drive a car with you to take turnsand have some rest when you travel over long distances. Travelling by car is dangerous. There are many crashes on the roads and we should be very careful and sensible. There are a lot of people, who drive underthe influence of alcohol, which causes a lot of accidents.

In conclusion, the car has been the most popular method of transport for many years. Like the other ways of traveling, it has some disadvantages, but it is also a good option for the people who prefer the flexibility, speed and spending family time together.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Are cars an essential part of many people’s lives nowadays? Why?
  2. What types of cars do you know?
  3. What document do you need to drive a car?
  4. What are the most important uses of a car?
  5. What transport do you prefer for travelling?
  6. What are some advantages of travelling by car?
  7. What electronic devices do you need to have in your car?
  8. What do you do to make the car go?
  9. How do you prepare your car to departure?
  10. Who do you usually travel with?
  11. What do you do to occupy your time when you are on a long car journey?
  12. What are some disadvantages to be a driver?
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