When I Am On the Plane

by Svitlana Matska

Nowadays people mostly travel by air. It combines both comfort and speed and you can reach the place of destination very quickly. No doubt, travelling by air is the most convenient and comfortable means of travelling. But if you are airsick the flight may seem not so nice to you. Unfortunately sometimes the flights are delayed because of unfavourable weather conditions, and one more inconvenience is jet-lag.

Fortunately, I have a good head for heights, so I am always excited when I am on the board.

To have enough space I put my hand luggage in a bin above my seat. But the items which I need to use during my flight can be placed under the seat in front of me and the small ones in a seat pocket facing me.

Before the plane takes off the stewardess gives all the information about the flight, the speed and altitude. She asks the passengers to fasten the belts and not to smoke. She takes care of us during the flight and helps to get comfortable in the seat. Inside the cabins the air is always fresh and warm. The captain welcomes all the passengers on board, tells all about the flight and the interesting places we fly over. During the flight I can take a nap or have a chat, I can read and relax. Also I can watch video or listen to music on my portable media player.

I keep my seat belt fastened at all times, but especially when the seat belt sign is lit.

When I travel with my son I usually have something for him to suck on while ascending and descending and try to bring his favorite snacks.

Of course I aim for a window seat for my child to have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery and landscapes when the plane takes off and lands.

I don't sit still for the duration of a multi-hour flight; I adjust my body position occasionally. In this way I can stretch and/or walk at least every 2 hours or so, even have a trip to the washroom and back. For this I usually ask for an aisle seat when booking the flight to let myself more easily get up and move around.

The most airlines provide scheduled meals which are often timed and typed to complement the time zone of the flight's destination. They may be limited to packaged snacks/cookies and drinks.

As a good neighbor, I check in-advance with the passenger behind me if I may tilt my seat-back backwards...and just before I do so.

I follow crew instructions promptly and immediately. Before the plane takes off I read the emergency instructions and watch the safety briefing even if I have got the experience to ride on the airline before as safety features may vary per aircraft and airline. It may be boring but if an emergency happens I will remember what to do. And of course I keep my mobile switched off during the flight.

When the plane lands and all my worries are behind I am happy to join the others in clapping hands as there is such a tradition with the passengers on board to congratulate each other with the safe landing.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Why is travelling by plane so popular nowadays?
  2. What are some advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane?
  3. How do you usually feel during the flight?
  4. What seat do you prefer: a window or an aisle one?
  5. How do you spend your time on board?
  6. Do you like chatting with other passengers sitting next to you?
  7. How far do you like travelling?
  8. Are you worried while ascending and descending?
  9. Who do you usually travel with?
  10. What airlines do you prefer?
  11. Would you like to fly to the other end of the world?
  12. Would you like to be a pilot / a stewardess?
  13. Do you like on board meals?
  14. Have you got an experience of flying by the first class?
  15. Are you tolerant / impatient with a passenger who is in panic while flying?
  16. Do you usually take many items for your hand luggage?
  17. Do you cross your fingers for good luck when the plane takes off / lands?
  18. Can you sleep during the flight?
  19. Do you think of high altitude below?
  20. Do you prefer day or night flights?
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