Why Do People Use One Hand Or the Other?

We have two hands. Why do we then use one or the other hand more often? People who use a left hand more often are lefties and people who use a right hand more often are righties. There are few people who can use both hands with perfect motor skills. These people are ambidextrous. Why does it happen? The brain is an organ that controls our handedness.

The brain has two parts: the left part and the right part. Each part controls the opposite side of the body. The brain's left part operates our right side, and the brain’s right part operates our left side. What our left eye sees depends on the processes in the brain’s right part and vice verse. So, if your brain’s left part works more, you are a righty, if your brain’s right part works more you are a lefty.

Righties feel more comfortable in the manmade world: furniture pieces, arm-chairs, door handles and coat zippers. Lefties often adapt to the world of righties. Though lefties think that they are unique and more talented. Scientists still think that the answer to this question is not simple.

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