Worksheet “Jobs” (Conditionals)

by Valentyna Maryasina

Age: 12+

Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate

Concerns: conditionals, jobs & professions


Students work in groups of 3-4 people.

All the groups have separate cards.

Students’ task to match parts of the sentences while speaking.

One by one students say half of a conditional sentence, waiting for others to suggest an appropriate completion.

Then students might want to add their own sentences.

If I were a firefighter,

If I were a judge,

If I were a nurse,

If I were a doctor,

If I were a teacher,

If I were a flight-attendant,

If I were a cook,

If I were a camp-counselor,

If I were a police-officer,

If I were an artist,

If I were a secretary,

If I were a coach,

If I were a shop-assistant,

If I were a baby sitter,

If I were a soldier,

I would catch criminals.

I would distribute drinks and food.

I would check homework.

I would plan food preparation.

I would help customers.

I would buy ink drawing.

I would take patients’ temperatures.

I would serve my country.

I would recommend a plan of treatment.

I would feed babies.

I would manage legal processes.

I would put out a fire.

I would teach tactics and techniques.

I would organize group activities.

I would answer phone calls.

Additional Jobs

a body advertiser,

a submarine cook,

a toy creator,

a soil conservationist,

a furniture tester,

a trash collector,

an elevator inspector,

a food stylist,

a crime scene cleaner,

a (dog) surfing instructor

a horse exerciser/coach

a live mannequin,

a snake milker*

a professional bridesmaid

your choice.

a pet groomer,

a professional tea taster,

a pet food taster,

a high-scraper window cleaner

a professional hunter,

a pet psychologist,

*a snake milker-extracts venom from some of the world's most dangerous snakes, like rattlesnakes and cobras.

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