Пробне ЗНО 2009 (edited)

Завантажити тест:


Read the texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5). There are two choices you do not need to use.

1. 4.
2. 5.
3. -
A There is an age limit for this activity.

If you send a message, you may win a prize.

You need to pay to enter the contest.

D They open a new high school soon.

E They need your reaction and support.

They will deliver a magazine to your school.

G They have started a new service online.

H There is a deadline set for this activity.


Read the text below. For (6-10) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, or F if it is false.

Capone ruthlessly expanded his operations, becoming the leading supplier of illegal booze in Chicago, (6) _________ , and a large segment of the city government. At the same time Capone harbored the goodwill of many citizens, through soup kitchens, offers of employment, and other activities (7) _________ of a new Robin Hood. Capone flaunted his wealth with expensive suits, jewelry, cars, women, and food. He purchased entire trains of sleeping cars (8) _________ to Florida vacations, though his increasing paranoia led him to doubt all (9) _________

. How many murders can be lain at his feet is debated, though his guilt in ordering and planning the famed St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is well established. Capone died after serving a term in federal custody for tax evasion, (10) _________ known as The Outfit – continues to operate in Chicago to this day.

A to carry himself and his entourage

B which brought him the reputation

C to purchase more and more

D but his closest associates

E which tarnished his reputation because

F but the criminal empire he founded

G as well as seizing control of illegal rackets


Read the text below. For questions (11-15) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Hidden Treasure

If, like me, your vision of the perfect Caribbean holiday involves muscovado sand beaches, blissfully warm azure sea and a constant supply of rum-based cocktails, then Antigua won't disappoint.

The island has 365 palm-fringed beaches - one for every day of the year, as Antiguans will tell you - great food and wonderful, open-hearted people.

It also has some top accommodation options, including the luxurious St James's Club. Moving from my perfectly positioned lounger was always going to be a challenge. My husband, however, had other ideas. He'd hired a jeep and was determined to explore.

Lured by the prospect of a picnic lunch in a deserted cove, I agreed to join him, and I'm very glad I did. The island has a host of unexpected treasures.

At picturesque English Harbour we explored historical Nelson's Boatyard, and bought a bag of 'black gold' -nothing to do with pirates, but the sweetest pineapple I've ever tasted.

Along the way we saw pastel-coloured houses, Eric Clapton's villa, kids playing barefoot cricket - Antigua is home to Sir Viv Richards - and more great beaches.

Our four-year-old daughter was entranced to see real bananas growing on trees and whole families of goats and chickens trying to cross the road.

For an outstanding view of the island, I heard the best place is Shirley Heights. On a Sunday afternoon this is the place to be for 'jump-up' - a traditional Caribbean party involving barbecued food, cold beer, steel band music and endless dancing.

There are plenty of boat trips on offer in Antigua and it's definitely well worth taking a catamaran cruise to the nearby island of Barbuda - home to the famous K Club resort, a spot much favoured by celebrities, including late Princess Diana. With barely anyone else in sight, even the sand at the resort feels exclusive.

Close to Barbuda, and only accessible by boat, is a sanctuary for the magnificent frigate bird. The males have bizarre large red balloons beneath their beaks, which they plump up during the mating season to attract females.

Back on land we made the bone-rattling journey to Brown's Bay on the east side of the island for an exquisite dinner at the upmarket B&B Harmony Hall. Not only does the place offer local arts and crafts and a stunning view of uninhabited Green Island (brilliant snorkelling) but it also serves the best daiquiris ever. Bliss.

Seven nights in Antigua with Virgin Holidays, staying at The Beach Club hotel, starts at $929 per adult and $489 per child, including return Virgin Atlantic flights from London Gatwick to Antigua, transfers and accommodation on an all-inclusive basis. Prices, based on departures between 1 Sep-11 Oct 2007, may be subject to a fuel surcharge. Virgin is a Clubcard Deals partner, so every $10 in Clubcard Vouchers can be exchanged for $40 worth of Holiday Tokens to pay for all or part of your holiday. Pick up a Clubcard Deals brochure in store or visit.

11 The couple explored the island of Antigua ______

A on foot.
B in a car.
C on a boat.
D on a horse back.

12 Which sight did the family NOT see in Antigua?
A Brown's Bay
B English Harbour
C Nelson's Boatyard
D Shirley Heights

13 Barbuda is famous for its ______
A traditional Caribbean party.
B exotic fauna and flora.
C wonderful resort.
D 'black gold' treasures.

14 The family had dinner at
A St James's Club.
B TEric Clapton's villa.
C Sir Viv Richards'.
D B&B Harmony Hall.

15 Staying at the Beach Club hotel starts at $ . . . per child
A 10
B 489
C 40
D 929


Read the text below. Match choices (A-H) to (16-20). There are two choices you do not need to use.

Outdoor adventure

From the stately flanks of its Cascade volcanoes to the stony shores of its myriad waterways, the region offers an unmatched wealth of all fresco activities.

16 ___________

Hurricane ridge, huge trees, hikes, Lake Crescent and quaint towns. Visit the 5th most visited National Park in the US. Enjoy Puget Sound ferry rides, gigantic trees dripping with moss, hike up to a waterfall, and enjoy the spectacular view from mile high hurricane ridge. See the heart of this unusual and wild eco-system. On this tour you have a good chance of spotting elk, deer, eagles, and maybe even banana slugs.


With the onset of the spring snowmelt, the area serves up prime-time Whitewater rafting. Rafters flock to two rivers in particular: the forest-hemmed Skykomish and the wide-open, sundrenched Wenatchee. Both offer rollicking fun for participants of all skill levels. Guide services offer tours on both rivers.

18 ___________

From the crystal-clear trout streams of the Cascades and Olympics to the deep-water sport-fishing waters of Washington's Pacific Coast, the Evergreen State offers up an array of angling opportunities that ranks among the nation's best. Whether you're after salmon, steelhead, tuna, trout, halibut or any number of first-class fish, the Pacific Northwest has something for you.


Home to 8-foot octupi and sixgill sharks, Puget Sound is one of the deepest, most diverse aquatic ecosystems in the Lower 48. Harmless creatures aside, it's also home to some great diving. From West Seattle's Alki Beach to the San Juans, the Puget Sound offers entertaining dive options for beginners and pros alike. Contact a local dive shop for suggested dives and local know-how.

20 ___________

Seattle is literally inundated with lakes, rivers and saltwater, so it only makes sense that kayaks are a preferred mode of sightseeing. Several outfitters offer rentals on Seattle's Lake Union and Elliott Bay, but if you're hankering for an escape from civilization, head north to the San Juan Islands. Once there, you'll find stunning scenery and first-class paddling - plus a bevy of guide services to provide the boats and show you the way to aquatic nirvana.

A If you want to reach the highest top.
B You'll be pleased with the perfect fishery.
C Do you like submarine travelling?
D Enjoy an adventurous water ride in spring!
E Enjoy wonderful horse back scenery.
F Acquaint with the amazing underwater world.
G Exciting tours with water ride activities.
H Do you prefer walking among other activities?


Read and complete the text below.For each of the empty space (21-32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D)

Do Cows Point North?

By David Derbyshire, Environment Editor

If you're lost in the countryside without a compass, don't panic. Just look for a herd of cows and see which way they are pointing.

After (21)________ the behaviour of thousands of cattle, scientists have found that they tend to face north after aligning themselves with the Earth's magnetic field.

The astonishing ability appears to be a (22)________ of the days when the wild ancestors of today's domesticated cattle used inbuilt compasses to find their way across the plains of Africa, Asia and Europe on long (23)________

Although cows are famed for their ability to (24)________ rain hours advance, their talent for navigating has so far gone overlooked.

Dozens of species of animals use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate - including birds, turtles, termites and salmon. The ability is also (25)________ in some mammals including rats and bats. Animals are thought to use (26)________ magnets - made of crystals of magnetite - to find their way around. Homing pigeons, for instance, have a tiny blob of these crystals in their beaks. Dr Sabine Begall and colleagues from the University of Duisburg-Essen used Google Earth to find images of cattle in worldwide locations including Britain, Ireland, India and the U.S. They (27)________ directly observed almost 3,000 deer in the Czech Republic. Their researches suggested that cattle were behaving in the same way as their close relatives, the deer.

(28)________ the direction of the wind and sunlight varied hugely in the different locations, the scientists were able to rule out weather and the position of the sun as an explanation. "We conclude that the magnetic field is the only common and most likely factor responsible (29)________ the observed alignment," the researchers wrote in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Gywn Jones, who (30)________ kept dairy cattle for 25 years in West Sussex, confirmed: "They know what weather to (31)________ in advance. Beef cattle will head up to higher altitudes if the weather is going to good. "My dairy cattle have their favourite fields where they go if it is going to be sunny.

"I let mine go in and out, and if it's (32)________ to be wet they head inside.

"In rough weather they like to have their backs to the wind. But I've not noticed a preference for facing north."

Daily Mail, Tuesday, August 26, 2008

21 monitoring inspection observing acquaintance
22 track surplus relic hint
23 dislocations migrations relocations travels
24 forecast prophesy presage see
25 eminent surfaced notable found
26 visual internal embed integrated
27 too already also finally
28 because actually however sometimes
29 to for towards at
30 had has was is
31 be come forecast expect
32 becoming will going must


Read the text below. Complete the story with the correct forms of the words in brackets (33 – 44).

A great place to visit all four seasons

In Norway, each season has its own special features and charm. The contrasts are great and the scenery is ever-changing, year round. If you (33)_______ that Norway was a country only really suitable for summer holidays, then you are mistaken. The Norwegians are just as active in the winter. In winter they swap their (34)________ boots for skis, their swimming costumes for classic knickerbockers. Did you see the broadcasts from the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer? Never before have so many people sat glued to (35)________ TV screens as during those two weeks in February 1994. Never before has such a successful winter Olympics been staged, and Norway was once and for all placed on the map as (36)________ great winter nation.

Norway is a paradise for all (37)________ who enjoy messing about in the snow in winter. Ski enthusiasts from all over Europe flock here. You can go skiing on the Olympic facilities in Lillehammer, where Alberto Tomba and Vegard Ulvang (38)________ on by tens of thousands of spectators.

Whichever style of (39)________ you prefer - slalom, cross-country, snowboarding, freestyle or telemark - you can do it here. One thing we don't recommend, however, is ski jumping at Holmenkollen. Holmenkollen is the ski jump which (40)________ consider to be the Mecca of the sport of skiing.

But before the white winter sets in, the autumn colours adorn the mountains and valleys of Norway. The scenery bursts into an explosion of (41)________, yellows and oranges. A walk in the mountains is like an adventure in colour. A good thing to do is to take a rucksack and try your luck at fishing in the numerous ponds and lakes. If you are lucky, you may come across a piece of marshland (42)________ with golden cloudberries, and you will find blueberries in the forests which taste wonderful with pancakes.

In spring the snow begins to retreat and the flora and fauna awaken. The rivers and waterfalls become gushing (43)________ which carry the melting snow from the mountains down to the fjords and out to the ocean. The sight of the fruit trees in blossom brightens up the fjords and valleys after the long winter. Norwegians start looking forward to 17 May, the (44)________ national day.

33 had thought will think thought think
34 hiker’s hike hiking hiked
35 them they theirs their
36 the a an
37 which those these this
38 were cheering cheering were cheered cheered
39 skiing skis being skied ski
40 Norwegian Norwegians Norwegians’ Norwegian’s
41 redder reddish reds red
42 to cover is covered covering covered
43 torrents’ torrents torrent torrential
44 country’s country countries a country’s


45. You've got a letter from your British pen-friend. He/she writes you that he/she likes to dress well. He/she tries to buy his/her clothes at famous fashion designers' shops. But they are very expensive and his/her parents don't want to buy such clothes for him/her. Write a letter to your friend in which you:

  • express your opinion about present-day fashions
  • write what clothes you usually prefer to wear
  • when you usually buy clothes and who help you to do the shopping
  • give a piece of advice to your friend what he/she should do in his/her situation

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write any dates and addresses.