Celebrating the Period of Spectacular Years

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There is no place in all of New York that so magnificently captures the spirit and the vitality of this great city like Radio City Music Hall. For 70 years, the Showplace of the Nation has been the centre of extraordinary entertainment for people from all corners of the globe who fill the thunderous cheers and applause in appreciation for what they see on the Great Stage. In its various incarnations as variety showplace, movie place and concert venue, the Hall has presented the finest entertainment attractions on a stage that experts consider the most fabulous on the planet. And today, as Radio City Music Hall celebrates its anniversary, the Art Deco palace has never looked better.

Because the Music Hall was designated a landmark in 1978, the entire building is continually under a historic preservation effort. All public areas of the theatre, including the Foyer, Grand Lounge, Auditorium must be maintained in their original design, colour and style. Indeed, Radio City Music Hall represents the consummate melding of yesterday and today.

As Radio City begins its eights decade, work is underway to further enhance the splendour and elegance that define this jewel of Rockefeller Centre. Recent renovations include the magnificent ticket lobby ceiling, which was restored to its original opening night grandeur through a painstaking gold leafing process. And Radio City ushers sport brand new uniforms matching those worn here in the 1930’s.

1. Where do people come to the Hall from?___________________
A From all over the world.
B From the USA.
C From Europe.
D From the USA and Canada.

2. What do experts consider the best in the Hall?_________________
A Movie palace.
B Variety showplace.
C Stage performances.
D Concerts.

3. Radio City Music Hall embodies____________________
A The fusion of psychological ideas.
B The combination of the past and present
C The complex of ancient buildings.
D Solely the original design.

4. What doesRadio City’s ceiling look like today ?__________________
A As it looked much earlier.
B As grandas the golden leaves in autumn.
C As splendid as the jewel
D As it will look in a decade.

5. What does ushers’ uniform look like?__________________
A Like all other uniforms in the city.
B Like Rockefeller’s suit.
C Like it was in 1978.
D Like it was in first half of the 20-th century.

1.A; 2.C; 3.B; 4.A; 5.D