​Choosing Snoozing: Reading Gapped Texts

Завантажити тест:

Biologically, kids’ bodies shift toward a later schedule during the teenage years, for (1) _________ and less like early risers. But despite the change in their internal body clocks, school start times and other schedules don't change.

We have set up a system (2) _________and some kids who might be at risk of mental and behavioral health problems, One way to help teens get enough sleep is to have school start later, (3) _________ , as they’ve found that the later times let kids sleep more. They also have seen fewer car accidents, higher test scores and better graduation rates, (4) _________are trying to change school start times in their state. If they succeed, California middle and high schools could start no earlier than 8:30 a.m.

But (5) _________ , teenagers have to help themselves, experts say suggesting teens sleep for 10 hours each night for a week or two. This will help them figure out how much sleep they need to feel their best.

Sleeping more on weekends to (6) _________isn’t a good idea, though, as getting different amounts of sleep each night can be bad for mental health.

The amount of sleep you get on weekdays and weekends should be the same. We don't starve ourselves of food on weekdays and gorge on weekends. We shouldn't do that with sleep either.

A because of which California lawmakers

B until schools change their start times

C make up for missing sleep during the week

D that's very difficult for many teenagers

E which some school districts have already done

F due to which the amount of sleep varies

G which reason they become more like night owls

1.G; 2.D; 3.E; 4.A; 5.B; 6.C