Демонстраційний тест ЗНО 2020

Task 1. Listening

Listen to the speakers. For questions (1-6) choose the correct answer(A, B or C). Write

your answerson the separate answer sheet. You will listen to each recording twice.


1 What job does he do?

2 Whatsport does the girl enjoy?


3 What has the girl decided to buy?



What is special about this land?

A_ They celebrate New Year’s Day in winter.

B_ Winteris the hottest time of the year.

C_ Everything is upside-down in Austria.

Whatdoes he do when hefeels stressed?

A Hedeals with thestress only by exercising.

B_ He deals with his stress by squeezing pet.

C_ He deals with his stress by exercising and squeezing something.

How doeshefeel aboutthis holiday?

A Itis his favourite holiday.

B_ He doesn’t like it because he is a vegetarian and nevertries roast turkey.

C_ He doesn’t like taking part in Thanksgiving Day parades through his


Task 2

Listen to the text. For statements (7-11) chooseT if the statement is true according to

the text, F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answersheet. You will listen

to the text twice.


7 The new invitation is a television set combined with a bicycle. [| [|

8 The experiment’s aim wasto measureelectricity generated through [ [


9 Mr. Allison says watching television limits children’s imagination. [| [|

10 Mr. Allison tried to discourage people from usinglifts. [| [|

11 Theinvitation has reduced the number of overweight children [| [|

in the USA by 13%.

Task 3

Listen to the text. For questions (12-16) choose the correct answer(A, B or C). Write

your answerson the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.





Which health problem was NOT mentionedin the fairy tale?

A Poorvision.

B_ Bad hearing.

C_ Terrible headaches.

Which action caused the son to move the old grandfatherto sit in the corner

behind the stove?

A He droppedhis cane.

B_ Hespilt his broth.

C He didn’t pay attention.

Which action caused them to exchange a wooden bow!for the earthenware bowl?

A Hebrokehis bowl.

B_ He complained about the taste.

C. Heinsulted his grandson.

Which action caused them to reconsidertheir treatment of the old man?

A The old man looked towardsthe table with his eyesfull of tears.

B_ Their child began creating something for them toeat outofin their old age.

C. Their child began crying when speaking with the old man.

How did they treat the old manin the end?

A With respect and as an equal.

B_ Theycontinued to ignore him.

C. They askedtheir child to spend more time with him.

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Task 4

Read the texts below. Match choices (A—H) to (17-21). There are three choices you

do not need to use. Write your answerson the separate answersheet.




Britney Spear’s wax figure will

be put at Madame Tussaud’s

museum in London.

The wax figure will be modeled

from oneofthe singer’s videos

in whichshe dances around a





Stocks ended lower on Friday.

The Dow Jonesindustrial

average fell 79.43 points or

0.86 per cent, to 9,711.12 on


The technology-laced

Nasdaq Composite

Index ended down 27.1

points or 1.64 per cent at




carried the San Antonio Spurs to

their secondleaguetitle with an

88-77 victory over the New Jersey

Nets in Game6 of the NBA Finals

Sunday night. With 21 points, 20

rebounds, 10 assists and eight

blocked shots, he easily captured

his second finals MVPprize.







Heavyrains in northern Bangladesh

made nearly 150,000 people stranded in

‘ their flooded homes, officials said


No death were reported.

German WC

Germanyopenedthe annual

meeting of the deeply divided

International Whaling

Commission on Monday.It

advised to adopt a motion,

ecology groups say, which will

help preserve whales and dolphins

for future generations.



Match the advertisement with the newspaper

section ?


Crime news







Task 5

Readthe text below. For questions (22-26) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Write your answers on the separate answersheet.

The Beginning

The wind stabbed through his heavy wool jacket as though he wasn’t even wearing one.

Andy struggled to wrap his scarf more securely around his neck and face. Gusts of thickly

flying snow hid the sun and madeit impossible to look at his watch, so he had no idea what

time it was. He wascertain of only one thing. Somewhere along the way back to his uncle’s

house he had taken a wrongturn and wasnowlost.

In the Colorado Rocky Mountains, a wrong turn could be fatal in a snowstorm. Here, the

ranchers and farmers strung a rope from the house to the barn to provide safe passageif they

had to go outside. Andy had heard about that, but he hadn’t been impressed; after all, he was


Heshookhis headin aneffort to clear his vision. Even though he kept rubbinghis eyes,

snow frosted his eyelashes so quickly that he could barely see. The thought that a simple

afternoon walk had turned intoa life- and-death struggle frightened him. He probably should

havelistened to his uncle when he reminded him to stay close to home.

A suddenslip sent him tumbling down steep incline. Exhausted, he struggled to his feet

and stumbled into a drift of snow already driven high by the wind. Panic drove him to

scramble through it, but he discovered that his feet were growing numb. Uncomfortably, he

suddenly recalled his last words to his mother as she put him onthe planeto visit his uncle for

the holidays. “I’ll be okay,” he had said, rolling his eyes while she cautioned him about the

weather. He was moreeager to get his first vacation away from homestarted than he was to

listen to her fussing over him.

Nowheregretted that he had not said something nice to her before he boarded theplane.

It looked as though he might not get the opportunity again, and that drove another dagger of

cold through his jacket, although he could scarcely feel it. Based on the stories he had heard,

numbnesswasa badsign. His body wasfreezing.

Hefell in the snow and lay there for what seemed like an hour, although he knew it

couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. He thought of his mother and how miserable she

would be if something happenedto him.Foronce, he felt truly guilty. After his father’s death,

she had worked very hard to take care of him, and he had never thought to show his


No moreof that, he thought. He would change. If he madeit through this, he would be a

completely different person. All he desired was another chance.

In the distance, from what seemed like miles away, he heard someonecalling his name.

“Here!”he called frantically. “Here!” For him, this wouldnotbe the endofthe story, but

the beginning.

22. Which ofthe following is an OPINIONin the story?

A Andyloses his wayin the storm.

B_ Andyfalls down steepincline.

C Andy hears someonecalling his name.

D Andy needs a vacation away from home

23 What happensto cause Andyto have clearer view ofhislife?

A Healmost dies in the snowstorm.

B Herealizes that he misses his mother.

C Hediscovers that he likes life on a ranch.

D Heandhis uncle have a long talk.

24 Whichof the following words BEST describes Andy's feelings about his motherat the

endof the story?

A Anger.

B Guilt.

C_ Happiness.

D_ Dislike.

25 Whatis thesetting forthis story?

A A park during a snowstorm.

B A city during a snowstorm.

C A quiet little town during a snowstorm.

D Open country during a snowstorm.

26 Whatis the BEST summary ofthis passage?

Beinglost in a snowstorm makes Andy want to becomea rancher.

Beinglost in a snowstorm makes Andy decide to be angry with his mother.

After being lost in a snowstorm, Andy thanks the men whorescued him.

After being lost in a snowstorm, Andy decidesto changehis tough attitude.


Task 6

Readthe texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (27-31). There are two choices you do not

need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.


New Year’s Eve,

December 31, is more important to Americans than New Year’s Dayitself. In the United

States, the federal holiday is January 1, but most people begin celebrating on December, 31.

Sometimes they have masquerade balls, where guests dress up in costumes and covertheir

faces with masks. Accordingto an oldtradition, guests unmask at midnight. Many Americans

watch television as part of the festivities. Most of the television channels show Times Square

in the heart of New York City.


Martin Luther King Jr,

a distinguished African American, organized andled thecivil rights movement in the United

States during the 1960s. During the 1963 march on Washington,he deliveredthestirring and

memorable ‘I have a dream’ speech to a quarter million people gathered before the Lincoln



Memorial Day

is the day on which Americans remember those whodied in the service of their country.

Manyfamilies visit graves and decorate them with flowers, and the day is also marked with

patriotic parades. This day is considered the beginning of the summerseason.



This holiday commemorates the birthdays of George Washington,the first President of the

United States, and Abraham Lincoln, President during the Civil War (1861 —1865).


Independence Day

is the US National Day. It commemorates the day the Declaration of Independence was

signed in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. This holiday is celebrated all over the country with

picnics, political speeches, and community get-togethers that culminate in fireworks



Thanksgiving Day

The first Thanksgiving Day was observed by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony in

Massachusetts in 1621 to give thanks for the bountiful harvest and their triumph of survival

over the wilderness. Now it is a time when Americans give thanks for the goodlife they

enjoy andcelebrate by getting together with family andfriends to eat traditional foods such

as turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

Whichholiday is known for 7

survival victory

patriotic parades

commemorating the birthdays of two outstanding Americans

the unforgettable speech

bringing dolls as a present





E_ being celebrated with picnics andpolitical speeches


G dressing in masquerade costumes

H dancing samba

Task 7

Read the text below. Choose from (A—-H) the one which best fits each space (33-38).

There is one choice you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer


The universal symbol of Internet era communications, the @ sign used in e-mail

addresses (33) , is actually a 500-year-old invention of Italian merchants, a

Rome academic has revealed. Giorgio Stabile, a science professor at La Sapienza

University, claims (34) of the symbol’s use, as an indication of a measure of

weight or volume. Hesays the sign represents an amphora, a measure of capacity based on

the terracotta jars used (35) in the ancient Mediterranean world.

The professor unearthed the ancient symbol in the course of research for a visual

history of the 20% century, (36)

The first known instance of its use, he says, occurred in a letter written by a

Florentine merchant on May 4, 1536. He says the sign madeits way along trade routes to

northern Europe, whereit came (37) , its contemporary accountancy meaning.

Professor Stabile believes that Italian banks may possess even earlier documents

bearing the symbollying forgotten in their archives. “The oldest example could beofgreat

value. It could be usedfor publicity purposes and (38) ,” he says. Therace is on

between the mercantile world and the banking world.

to signify the word “at”

to represent“at the price of”

to see whohasthe oldest documentation of @

to transport grain and liquid

to have stumbledontheearliest known example

to be published by the Treccani Encyclopedia

to learn how popular it has become

zo 7 2 OA BP

to enhancetheprestige of the institution that owned it



Use of English

Task 8

Readthe texts below. For questions (39-48) choose the correct answer(A, B, C or D).

Write your answers on the separate answersheet.

Nick Gillard

Nick Gillard earns a living working as a stuntman on films and TV showsbuthis first

(39) at show business wastrick-riding circus horses. Four years later he got the

chanceto perform in his first film. “I really enjoyed working onthefilm,” Nick remembers,

“so I started asking what I should (40) to becomea stuntman.”

To do this he had to reach instructor level in six sports including skiing, riding and

gymnastics. Since qualifying (41) the age of 19, Nick has worked on many

movies and has doubled for some ofthe biggest stars in Hollywood.

Nick has (42) some terrifyingly dangerous stunts. For one film he jumped

across a bridge in a speed boat, and in Alien 3 he was (43) on fire, withoutair,

for more than two minutes.

39 A| experience B) lesson C| attempt D) taste

40 A| make B)| do C) get D| ty

41 A] in B} on C} at D)| by

42 A| done B) made C) led D| given

43 A) put B| caught C| set D} iit


Microsoft Flight Simulator

There exist (44) different kinds of computer games. Usual games are quick and

easy to play. People can choose andplay the game (45) they have a spare minute or

two. You can find them on your mobile phone, on your computer and (46) on your

television. They include popular gameslike Solitaire and Spider.

These gamesare designedto teach players something useful. One ofthe longest running

serious gamesare the Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was madein 1982 andsince then, many

(47) have usedit to learn to fly planes. Other gamesteachpolice andfire fighters

whatto do in a(n) (48) case.

In recent years, an increasing number of gameshavebeencreated to improvethe player’s

skills and knowledge. They help younger kids learn to countand spell, and teach older kids

mathematics and technology.

44 A} lots By) many C} much D| most

45 A) during B) soon C} while D| whenever

46 A) only B} just C| even D| already

47 A| poets B} stewards C| pensioners D| pilots

48 A] emergency B| security C| safety D| disadvantage


Task 9

Read the texts below. For questions (49-58) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or

D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Cirque du Soleil

The famous circus, Cirque du Soleil, is known all over the world. It was organized

(49) the Canadian Guy Laliberte in 1984. Thefirst show wasa striking, dramatic

mix ofcircusarts (without animals) andstreet performancethat featured magical lighting and

original music. He namedit Cirque du Soleil because, in his own words, “The sun symbolizes

youth, energy, and strength.”

After leaving college, Laliberte travelled all over Europe earning money (50)

music in the open air. After returning home, he began Cirque with his friend, Daniel

Gauthier. In the 1990s, Cirque quickly expanded. It now showsthe performancesall over the

world and the stuff working for it has grown from 73 to (51) than 3,500. The

Cirque does not work with animals, but (52) is music and dance and each showis

like a story.

The Cirque performs(53) the delight of locals andvisitors.

49 A] from B} by C! of D) in

50 A| played B} plays C} playing D) been playing

51 A] more B} much C} most D| the most

52 A] this B| it C| there D| their

53 A] to B| at C} in D| of


The Louvre, the national art museum ofFrance andthe palace in which it is (54) ;

is located in Paris, on the right bank of the Seine River. Thestructure, until 1682 a residence

of the kings of France, is one of the largest palacesin the world. It (55) the site of

a 13"-century fortress. The building of the Louvre was begun in 1546.

Additions were madeto the structure during the (56) of almost every French

monarch. Under Henry IV, in the early 17 century, the Grande Galerie, now the main

picture gallery, which borders the Seine, was (57) . By the mid-19" century the

vast complex was built; (58) more than 19 hectares, it is a masterpiece of

architectural design.

54 A) house B| houses C| housed D| has housed

55 A] occupies B| occupying C| is occupied D) occupant

56 A) regale B| reigns C| reigned D| regal

57 A] completing B| being completed} C) complete D)| completed

58 A) covering B| cover C| covered D| coverage


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59 You’vereceiveda letter from your English penfriend in which he/she writes that

whenhe/sheis sixteen he/she can leave schooland goto vocational school,

collage or take apprenticeship. Write a letter to your penfriend in whichyoutell him/her

* what age children go to schoolin your country

+ what exams you havetopassafter leaving school

+ whatthe options after leaving school are

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write your own name, any dates,

addresses or other personalinformation. Start your letter in an appropriate way.