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Task 1. Reading

Read the text below. Match choices (A – H) to (1 – 5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Chinese Horoscopes

According to the Chinese calendar, the year you were born may determine your personality. Every year is represented by an animal, and legend has it that people born under that animal have certain personality traits.

1. _________

2. _________

3. _________

4. _________

5. _________

What personality traits correspond to what animal?

A Calm and shy

B Generous and sensitive

C Reliable and fair

D Thoughtful and intuitive

E Wise and sociable

F Bossy and reserved

G Active and daring

H Popular and fun-loving

Task 2. Reading

Read the text below. For questions (6 – 10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

London Hostels

Hostels have been the main stay of travellers for many years. Traditional hostels offered low rates and shared sleeping arrangements in exchange for chores. In the 1960’s a new type of hostel emerged that did away with the chore requirement. A typical London hostel will provide bedding and access to shared cooking and bathing spaces. The term “hostel” can also refer to accommodation houses for homeless people, and travellers may want to make a distinction by using the term “youth hostel”.

London hostels provide comfortable lodging to travellers looking to save money. While health issues and crime are generally not a concern, travellers may want to Lock up personal belongings when leaving the hostel Since guests of London hostels will almost never have a private room, it is a good idea to lock up money and travel documents at the reception. Most London hostels will offer to secure your items in a locked space, sometimes for a fee, to house such personal belongings

London hostels are quite numerous, and the city draws many hostel guests from around the world. For many travellers, this is a major advantage of staying in hostels in London. Since guests are often sleeping in the same room and using many of the same facilities, youth hostels in London are one of the best places to meet other travellers In a city as world renowned as London, guests are sure to meet interesting international contacts

Another advantage to a hostel in London is the shared kitchen area Almost all hostels will have a fully stocked kitchen or cooking area — ideal for backpackers and tourists who like to enjoy a home cooked meal as a contrast to UK restaurants Obviously, for travellers on a budget, cooking can also be a great way to save money.

If a hostel in London is only one of the many hostel stays you plan to make, you may w ant to buy into a hostel group. As a member of a hostel group, you will be eligible for discounted and cheap London hostel r ates at just about any popular hostel in Europe or the UK Your pass also makes you eligible for additional discounts at surrounding restaurants or other entertainment venues.

6. What is stated in the text about hostel residents?

A They enjoy spacious rooms.
B They enjoy individual bathrooms.
C They used to pay extra for room service.
D They used to tidy up their bedrooms themselves.

7. What is one of the reasons people stay at youth hostels?
A They have no homes of their own.
B London hotels are often overcrowded.
C It’s a good place to get to know people.
D Hostels do not admit large youth groups.

8. According to the text, how should you keep your valuables safe?

A To take them with you when you go out.
B To hide them among your belongings.
C To lock them up in your room.
D To leave them at the hostel safety box.

9. What is mentioned as an advantage of a hostel group membership?

A Being able to use the hostel cooking area.
B Being able to get the room without booking.
C Being able to save money when going out.
D Being able to use storage area free or charge.

10. For what kind of travellers is a hostel a suitable place?

A For travelers who prefer cooking for themselves.
B For travelers who take care of their health.
C For travelers who try to avoid noisy company.
D For travelers who dislike sharing facilities.

Task 3. Reading

Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (11–16). There are two choices you do not need to use.

11 ________
12 ________
13 ________

14 ________

15 ________

16 ________

Which of the shop in the adverts __________ ?

A takes care of your pets

B is open seven days a week

C sells accessories and clothes

D offers to sell as well as to buy things

E sells useful things for trips and vacations

F offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere of buying

G offers an opportunity to buy things from home

H specializes in toiletries, soft toys and souvenirs


Read the text below. Choose from (A–H) the one which best fits each space (17–22).There are two choices you do not need to use.

When Giants Go Mini: Size of Dinosaurs Surprises Paleontologists

When very small dinosaur bones were found in a rock mine in Germany’s Harz Mountains in 1998, (17)________ .

But paleontologist Martin Sander’s work shows that they were probably full grown! Named Europasaurus, they are the smallest of the giant dinosaur species ever found.

Growth marks on dinosaur bones are similar to growth rings on trees. The rings are far apart (18)________. They form closer together as growth slows.

“It is precisely these tight compressed marks that we have discovered just beneath the surface of the fossil bones,” says Sander. So the Europasaurus fossils in the mine must have been from full-grown animals.

Why was Europasaurus, (19)________, so much smaller than its cousins the brachiosaurs, which grew up to 148 feet (45 meters) long and weighed as much as a thousand humans?

Back 150 million years ago, most of Germany was underwater. Scientists think (20) ________, land and food there became more and more scarce. Europasaurus was forced to adapt to its shrinking habitat, so (21) ________.

Since 1998, an international team of scientists has carefully dug up more than 1,000 dinosaur fossils in the rock mine It is one of the few places in the world (22) ________.

A it evolved into a smaller animal needing less space and food

B which was slightly longer and heavier than a car

C where the bones and footprints of dinosaurs have been found together

D people thought they were from baby dinosaurs

E where trees grow up to one hundred metres

F that as the water levels begin to rise

G while the animal is young and growing quickly

H the struggle for survival will never end


Read the text below. For questions (23–32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Paper Plane That Flew Higher Than a Jet

Many of us built paper planes to (23)________ around the classroom, but a team of British enthusiasts had more (24)________ plans — to send a paper plane towards the edge of space. Last week, the aircraft, built from paper and paper straws, and with a three-foot wingspan, was launched from a site in Spain. A helium balloon (25)________ it to an altitude of 90,00ft (17 miles) — not, admittedly, very (26) ________ to outer space (which is considered to begin around 50 miles above the Earth’s surface), but higher than a jumbo jet would normally fly (39,000ft). The balloon then (27) ________, allowing the plane to glide gently back to Earth. (28) ________ the way, it took pictures (29) ________ a miniature camera before landing 100 miles from the launch site, (30) ________ but for a tear in its wing.

The project was masterminded by Steve Darnels, John Oates and Lester Haines, who said they (31) ________ with the idea after being (32) _________ by a project last year to send a lump of cheese into space. They had done it. they said, for a “laugh”.

23 drop send throw release
24 long ambitious majestic common
25 lifted ascend blew pushed
26 nearly similar close exact
27 destroyed flew disappeared exploded
28 Through Straight Across Along
29 at with on by
30 total whole absolute reliable
31 came up came over came out came across
32 drawn involved inspired captured


Read the text below. For questions (33–42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

The Smartest Rat in the World

Hobble-J is no ordinary rat. In fact, thanks to the modification of a single gene, he’s probably (33) ________ intelligent rat in the world. The rodent, named after a Chinese cartoon character, (34) ________ as an embryo with genetic material. As a result. Hobbie-J can remember objects for three times as long as his contemporaries, and is far (35) ________ than other rats at negotiating mazes. Since the technique (36) ________ previously to work on mice, the researchers are optimistic that it could be successfully applied to a wide variety of other species — possibly (37) ________ humans.

33 much much more the most more
34 injected was injected injecting is injected
35 best good the best better
36 has been shown had shown has shown showed
37 include included includes including

Your Amazing Brain

Your brain is faster and more powerful than a supercomputer

You carry around a (38) _______ mass of wrinkly material in your head that controls every single thing you will ever do. From enabling you to think, learn create, and feel emotions to (39) ________ every blink, breath, and heartbeat — this (40) _________ control center is your brain. It is a structure so (41) ________ that a famous scientist once called it “the most complex thing we (42) ________ in our universe yet”.

38 three-pound three-pounds three-pound’s three-pounds’
39 control controlling controlled be controlling
40 fantasy fantast fantastically fantastic
41 amazement amazed amazingly amazing
42 discover discovered have discovered had discovered


43. You’ve got a letter from your English pen-friend in which he/she complains that there has been a lot of rain in his/herregion lately, so he/she can’t spend much time outdoors and feels bored at home. Write a letter to your pen-friend in which you tell him/her

whether you have a lot of spare time at present and why or why not

how you usually spend your free time indoors

your advice on how to make his/her stay at home more exciting

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not use any personal information (e. g., names, dates, addresses, etc.). Start your letter in an appropriate way.