Додаткова сесія ЗНО 2019

Завантажити тест:
Завантажити завантажений 256 разів


Listen to the speakers. For questions (1–6) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to each recording twice.

1. Which blouse is the wrong size?


2. What time must students come to school to get their bags on the bus?


3. Which souvenir costs too much?

4. What made Mark stop his trip?

A lack ofmoney

B language barrier

C rude strangers

5. What does the woman say about the clothes she wore in her childhood?

A She grew out of her clothes very fast.

B She enjoyed her designer clothes.

C She had typical girlie clothes.

6. What is Kathy’s purpose of visiting the game?

A to resolve the problem with difficult teammates

B to see how Sarah gets out of tough situations

C to choose players for the national team


Listen to the text. For statements (7–11) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.You will listen to the text twice.

7. The speaker was going to study fashion in Paris.   

8. The speaker was travelling to France with herfamily.

9. The woman sitting next to the speaker was flying to Paristoo.

10. The speaker had previous experience of learningFrench.

11. The speaker had mixed feelings about her trip toParis.


Listen to the text. For questions (1216) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.

12. Why is Bugsy well-known on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu?

A His master David is a legendary surfer.

B His statue can be seen on thebeach.

C He is keen on riding the waves.

13. What encouraged David to start pair surfing?

A a local legend about adog

B a photo of a surfer with adog

C the sight of the dog on a surfboard

14. How did Bugsy appear in David’s life?

A David got the puppy as a present from his partner.

B David took the puppy from a place for stray animals.

C David found the sick puppy on the nearby beach.

15. Why did David take the sick dog home from the veterinary hospital?

A He ran out of money to pay for the hospital services.

B He doubted the veterinaries’ ability to cure Bugsy.

C He had up-to-date care facilities in his apartment.

16. What made David and Bugsy stop sky-diving?

A The necessary equipment was very expensive.

B The experience was frightening for the dog.

C. David’s bride forced them to give up the sport.


Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (17–21). There are three choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

17 ________________

18 ________________

19 ________________

20 ________________

21 ________________

Which advertisement is about _________?

A media

B accessories

C tools

D clothes

E food

F gadgets

G toys

H books


Read the text below. For questions (2226) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Annaleise Carr, 14, Youngest Person to Swim Lake Ontario

Last fall, a young Ontario girl named Annaleise Carr visited Camp Trillium for children with cancer and was so moved that she asked to volunteer – but at 13 she was too young to help. Instead, the toothy girl from Norfolk County decided to raise money for the camp by becoming the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario.

As sunset faded into Sunday evening, the 14-year-old girl approached Marilyn Bell Park, on Lakeshore Drive in Toronto. She touched the wall just before 9 p.m., then turned around and hugged her swim coach, Lisa Anderson, who accompanied her on a Zodiac boat. While dozens cheered and applauded, she climbed up the pier, was wrapped in a towel and hugged by her family. A few minutes later, she sat on a lawn chair and was checked by Mark Ghesquiere, a doctor who had followed her by boat with a support team. She was then taken to hospital for a more thorough check up. Her support team said she was exhausted but otherwise fine. It had taken her nearly 27 hours fighting high waves, cold current and leg cramps.

Her parents, JeR and Debbie Carr, recalled in an interview that they had first opposed to her project but now smiled with pride as they described Annaleise as a determined, altruistic youth.

Before her big swim, she swallowed a thermometer pill, a device first developed by NASA to monitor body temperature on astronauts.The pill’s wireless transmission enabled Annaleise’s support team to make sure her core temperature remained stable. She also had a light on her swimming cap to remain visible.

After a one-day delay because of high winds, she set oR on Saturday, at 6:17:10 p.m, from Queen’s Royal Park in Niagara-on-the-Lake. She was initially helped by the push from the Niagara River’s current but soon was slowed by wind. Waves began getting higher and higher, reaching 1.5 metres. For hours, she also faced a 10-knot head wind and the water temperature cooled to 13 degrees.The weather was better through Sunday but she began cramping in the afternoon and a physiotherapist on the boat prescribed stretching exercises

22. Why did Annaleise swim across Lake Ontario?

A She wanted to become rich andfamous.

B She did it at the request of CampTrillium.

C She needed money to help sickchildren.

D She aimed to become a campvolunteer.

23. What is said about Annaleise in paragraph 2?

A Annaleise was greeted by a crowd of fans inToronto.

B Annaleise was sent to hospital because of hertemperature.

C Annaleise was followed by her parents on a Zodiac boat.

D Annaleise was treated by Dr. Ghesquiere for leg cramps.

24. Which of the following is TRUE about Annaleise’sparents?

A They sent her to the camp in summer.

B They accompanied her to the hospital.

C They trained her for the hardcrossing.

D They objected to her swim atfirst.

25. How did the support team know Annaleise was not too cold?

A She gave them signals with the lamp on her cap.

B She was in touch with her doctor over the radio.

C She placed a gadget inside her before the swim.

D She took some energy pills to keep her warm.

26. Which of the following factors DID NOT make Annaleise’s swim more difficult?

A river current

B head wind

C highwaves

D water temperature


Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (27–32). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

27. Montreal Botanical Garden and Biodome

The main attraction for people seeking indoor nature in Canada’s metropolis is the Biodome, an indoor garden with animals and plants from all over the Americas. The Biodome is especially popular in the winter time. The botanical garden has a number of greenhouses. Orchid gardens and a tropical rainforest greenhouse can be found on the grounds, while other 10 garden’s exhibition greenhouses alter every season.

28. Eden Project, England

Located in Cornwall, in Southern England, this unique collection of gardens is not a typical conservatory. The domes look like they came from the set of a science fiction film. These odd-looking structures are home to self-contained biosystems with plant life from tropical and Mediterranean climates. A number of outdoor gardens are also part of the complex.

29. Atocha Station, Madrid

Not every indoor garden is housed in a purpose-built greenhouse. Madrid’s Atocha Train Station is a perfect example of such a place. It does get very busy, but a massive garden boasting more than 7,000 plants representing 260 species gives it a quiet atmosphere, even at rush hour. There is also a pond that serves as a turtle sanctuary, in addition to housing a number of fish.

30. Cecil B. Day Butterfly Centre, Georgia

The butterfly centre is located at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. The main attractions here are the colourful butterflies, which fly freely around the glass enclosure. The butterfly centre has earned LEED certification for its environmental friendliness and energy-efficiency, which is impressive for a building that must maintain tropical conditions year-round in a temperate climate.

31. Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh

Arguably the greenest venue on our list, the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh has recently built a Tropical Forest Conservatory. The new greenhouse uses modern ventilation, earth tubes, radiant heating, and computer controlled shading and fogging to create a tropical environment with the absolute minimum consumption of energy. Phipps also oRers tours of its research- oriented Centre for Sustainable Landscapes and its energy-efficient production greenhouse.

32. Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome, Tokyo

This large greenhouse complex in Tokyo was originally built on land reclaimed from a site used for waste depositing. There are actually three domes and an additional exhibit space where rare species of carnivorous plants are housed. Highlights include a fern forest, an indoor waterfall, orchid gardens from the sub-tropical Ogasawara Islands.

Which place?

A is an oasis in themiddleof a public transport centre

B replicates a cold ecosystem in warm surroundings

C offers classes to visitors in breeding useful insects

D is known for the futuristicarchitecture

E is officially recognized as an economical energyconsumer

F is maintained by advanced technicalequipment

G is located on a former city rubbishdump

H changes its plant displays throughout theyear


Read the text below. Choose from (AH) the one which best fits each space (3338). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Snorkeling at DeGray Lake

Swimmers enjoy a guided snorkeling trip, one of dozens of programs oRered by DeGray
Lake Resort State Park.

“Yoo hoo. You in the tent,” the ranger at DeGray Lake Resort State Park called to my friends and me. He told us (33) _________ . We checked our watches: it was 9:35. After a trip to the visitors’ centre, we knew we were lucky to get one of the park’s last vacant sites.

Though there are several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ campgrounds surrounding the 13,800-acre lake, visitors who want to occupy one of the 113 sites at Arkansas’s only resort state park should consider reservations, (34) _________ .

Many who visit the park are attracted (35) _________ , its 18-hole golf course, horseback riding and the hope of catching bass, catfish or crappie. But it was a guided snorkeling trip, one of dozens of programs offered by park interpreters that reeled me in on a recent weekend.

At the park’s marina, my companion and I – along with 13 kids and nine other adults – boarded a tour boat. Kelly Farrell and DeAnna Balthazor, our interpretive guides for the trip, handed out lifejackets, masks and snorkels. As we headed across the lake, Kelly demonstrated the proper mask and snorkel fit. The kids responded with laughter when she said (36) _________ .

Five minutes and a mile from the marina, we rounded Tall Island, anchored the boat and anxiously waited to get wet as (37) _________ . When one of the kids asked her about alligators, she said – much to our relief – that the water was too cold for them. But it soon proved the perfect temperature for us.

We plopped into the water. There was about 12 feet of visibility, but on a good day, Kelly said,
(38) _________ . Kelly said it was now an ideal place to see fish and other wildlife. She was right. It didn’t take long before I spotted fish lurking among the lofty underwater boulders and aquatic plants.

A Kelly cited a few last safety rules

B snorkelers can see as far as 20 feet

C we had to register for our campsite by 10 a.m.

D the snorkeling program is oRered almost daily

E especially on a sizzling summerweekend

F by its 96-room lodge and restaurant located on anisland

G the best way to defog the masks was to spit inthem

H the minimum snorkeling age is6


Read the texts below. For questions (3948) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Useful Cooking

Many of us feel that cooking is a mere waste of time and it’s something we very much want to (39)            .

But instead of complaining, youshould feelhappy whenyouhavetheopportunity to cook. Regularcooks, (40)              the ones who try out a variety of meals, have high (41)              of creativity. Theyare committed to quality, aren’t afraid to try things out andthey (42) _______ great attention to details.

Whenever you cook something, you are learning to multitask, measure with precision and make quick decisions. Withall ofthese (43) _______ you’re learning, you’re becoming smartertoo.

39 avoid lose leave overcome
40 particularly eventually specially surprisingly
41 points levels stages periods
42 share present spend pay
43 deeds manners skills events

Don’t try this at home

If you’re (44)               enough to own an iPhone or iPad, do yourself a (45)                and don’t change your device’s date to January 1, 1970. If you do, your phone will be turned into a brick.

But why would you ever want to (46)                your iPhone to1970 in the first place? Apparently, it was all a clever internet trick, or trolling. A message asked users to change the date in their phones to January 1, 1970 in order to go back in (47) ________ and to relive the magic on your iPhone. If you fell for the trick the only way to get your phone back is to seek out an Apple professional. It should be noted that Apple didn’t (48)               until 1976. Apple has released a statement regarding this error and says a fix will be available in the next update.

44 lucky happy successful skillful
45 job favour deal trick
46 organise arrange set put
47 time period year age
48 invent exist live establish


Read the texts below. For questions (4958) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Flying Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will be sure to wake even (49)            of sleepers. The idea is simple; when the alarm (50)           , part of the alarm will fly and land at some random location inyourroom. Only (51)              you place the piece back on the stationary alarm base will the alarm stop ringing.

The flying piece takes to the air via rotating propeller blades which allow it

(52)           flight.The only way to silence the alarm is to physically find the propeller

and position it back on the alarm, thus forcing you (53)           your bed.

49 heavier the heaviest heavy the heavier
50 will go off is gone off goes off go off
51 since while when unless
52 to achieve achieves achieving achieved
53 to out of in front of in


This is the most common problem solving technique. It is free and non-threatening for anyone to put up any idea. It (54) _________ involves a group of diverse people.

(55) _________ , brainstorming can also be done alone. The problem is given to a group and everyone (56) _________ to throw up ideas, no matter how ridiculous they are.Then all the ideas are discussed and analyzed to come up with a solution. When (57) _________ alone, one can come up with a number of ideas that are written down on a piece of paper in order to work out a solution from (58) _________ all.

54 much more most mostly
55 However Whatever Somehow Therefore
56 encourages encourage is encouraged are encouraging
57 brainstorm brainstorming brainstormed to brainstorm
58 they them their theirs


59. You’ve received a letter from your Englishpen-friend in which he/she writes to you about his/her last journey and complains about his/her travelling companion. Write a letter to your pen-friend in which you tell him/her

  • where you travelled last time and who was/were your travelling companion/ companions
  • what kind of travelling companion you prefer and why
  • give some pieces of advice on how to avoid conflicts with a travelling companion

when you travel

Write a letter of at least 100 words.Do not write your own name, anydates, addresses or other personal information. Star tyour letter in an appropriate way.