Friends: Gap Filling

Level B1

Read the text. Choose from (A—G) the one which best fits of (1—6).

There is one choice you do not need to use.

Almost everyone has friends but ideas about friendship vary from person to person. For some, a friend is someone 1 ________________. For others, a friend is a person who 2 ________________— someone whose family knows you, too. Others only use the term for someone 3 ______________, because you trust them. Although different people emphasize different aspects of friendship, there is one element 4 _______________. We may not be able to select our families, our colleagues or even the people 5 _________________ but we can choose our friends. Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “A friend is someone 6 _______________.” It is this freedom of choice that makes friendship such a special relationship.

A whose friend chooses
B who chooses and is chosen
C whom you have known all your life
D who knows your innermost secrets
E which is always present and that is the element of choice
F who chats with you on the internet
G that take the bus with us


1f 2c 3d 4e 5g 6b