Reading Headings

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Read the text below. Match choices (A - H) to (1 – 5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

( 1 ) _________
Man has added extraneous substances to his food since prehistoric times. Salt and spices are the oldest food additives we know of, used by prehistoric man to preserve his meat and fish, and to make the taste more interesting. Today, the substances, natural and synthetic, added to food run into thousands. Most of the foods we buy contain one or more additives.

( 2 ) _________
In most developing countries, two-thirds or more of the people live in rural areas, with few, if any, of the services the city-dweller takes for granted. Water taps in houses, for example, are almost unknown. At best, there may be a village well. Often the only source of water is a lake or a stream, perhaps several kilometers away. The drudgery of water-carrying can take up the better part of every day.

( 3 ) _________
It is not necessary to emphasize the enormous restrictions that blindness imposes upon the ordinary procedures of earning a living: we’re only too well aware that we’re in general more dependent on sight than on smell, touch of hearing. But it’s worth pointing out that sight affects the knowledge of the world we receive through our other senses.

( 4 ) _________
Mankind is always searching for a better life. One way of improving it is to plan work so that it corresponds to the capacities and needs of the worker. Ergonomics is concerned with fitting work to man. It doesn’t limit its goal to the elimination of physical hazards to health, but aims at making the work more satisfying to the worker.

( 5 ) _________
People need to be made far more aware of safety in ordinary everyday situations — a classic example, of course, is the child reaching for the bottle of tablets Mum forgot to lock away — and it seems to me that the cinema would be the ideal place in which to get the message across. A film about safety tuckedat the end of the forthcoming attractions and advertisements would then be seen by a large section of the population.

A Preservatives and coloring added.
B Focus on the knowledge from books.
C Measures applied to be protected from danger, risk, or injury.
D Efficiency and pleasure in people’s working environment.
E The young enjoy playing games.
F Reliant on visual perception.
G Toiling for every day needs.
H All cartoons are bad.

1.А; 2.G; 3.F; 4.D; 5.C