The Coat of Arms of Ireland

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It was three thousand years ago. Two Viking chieftains were going with their men to Ireland in two big boats. The first chieftain’s name was Heremon O’Neill, the name of the other we do not know.
“The first of us who touches the Irish land will be the king of it,” they said.

At last they were near the Irish land. The two boats were going faster and faster. But the boat of Heremon O’Neill was not so fast as the boat of the other chieftain. When the boats were very near the land, O’Neill quickly cut off his right hand and threw it over to the land. His hand touched the land the first and he became the king of Ireland.
That is why there is a picture of a red right hand on the coat of arms of Ireland.

Chieftain - a leader of a people
Viking ['vaɪkɪŋ]

Fill in the expressions from the text with a proper word:

1. go_____ a boat
2. the name of ____ chieftain is unknown
3. ____ last they neared the island
4. the man cut ____ his right hand
5. his hand touches the land ____ first
6. the picture _____ the coat of arms

Choose the right A B or C

1. When Vikings were going to Ireland
A they had two boats for one clan
B two Viking chieftains were on the same boat
C the men made a bet made a bet on the island

2. When the men were approaching the island
A the two boats were behind
B Heremon O’Neill’s hand was the first on the land
C Heremon O’Neill ’s boat was as fast as the boat of the other chieftain.