The Man Who Loved Women

Завантажити тест:

Read the text below. Choose from (A - H) the one which best fits each space (1-6). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Grady was rich, but he was 78 and on his deathbed. No amount of money—or love—could save him now.
In his youth, Grady had been a major skirt-chaser. No woman was safe from his charm. He used to juggle three or four girlfriends at a time.
He’d often accidentally call them by the wrong names. The first time (1) _______ , she would get upset. Instead of lying, Grady would admit that he had another girlfriend—or two. «But», he would quickly add, «you are my number one. You’ll always be my number one».
Somehow, this little white lie often worked. Sometimes his various girlfriends would even end up meeting each other and become fast friends.
Any attractive woman (2) _______ . He would walk right up to her and say, «You’re very attractive. Are you single and unattached?» If she said yes,(3) _______ right then and there. If she said yes, but she didn’t have time just then for coffee, he’d get her phone number and ask for a rain check. If she said no, he’d ask her if she had a twin sister who was single and unattached. This often made the woman smile or laugh. Sometimes she would change her no to a yes.
Grady wasa wonderful dancer. He was just average-looking, but (4) _______ and had (5) _______ and a pleasant laugh. He was well-read, he knew a thousand jokes, and he had no bad habits. Perhaps most important, he made a woman feel like a woman, according to many of his girlfriends.
Even in his old age, Grady hadn’t slowed down. Tending to his dying needs were Didi and Mimi, (6) _______ that Grady had finally «settled down» with.

A was a target for Grady
B one hundred dollars
C that happened to a new girlfriend
D a pair of 40-year-old twins
E he carried himself with confidence
F he’d invite her out for a cup of coffee
G an important information
H a ready smile

1.C; 2.A; 3.F; 4.E; 5.H; 6.D