Wrong Size (Level B1)

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Willie Drop was a small town fellow. He had his own business, and his own home, and would have been a happy man except for the fact that he suffered from dizzy spells and saw spots before his eyes. The local doctor could do nothing for him, so he advised a change of climate, suggesting California.

The weather in California was wonderful. Willie got a nice place to live in and he lived very well, but he still had dizzy spells and saw spots before his eyes. He went to a doctor. The doctor said, “Willie, you made a mistake coming to California. It is too damp here. What you need is a dry climate like Arizona.”

So Willie closed his new business and went to Arizona. He liked it, but he still had dizzy spells and saw spots before his eyes. He went to a doctor. The doctor said, “You had better take a trip around the world, and find out just which climate is best for you.”

So Willie prepared to take a trip around the world. While buying clothes for the trip, he went to a shop and asked for size 14 shirts. The clerk politely suggested that he should take size 16. “No,” said Willie, “I want size 14.”

“But,” said the clerk, “you really should have size 16.”

Willie did not agree, “I asked for size 14 and I want size 14, I’ve always worn size 14.”

“Very well”, the clerk shouted, “go ahead and buy size 14 if you want to have dizzy spells and see spots before your eyes!”

1. Where did Willie live at the beginning of the story?____________

A In the suburbs of California.
B In a rural area.
C In anurban area.
D In the centre of Europe.

2. What did the doctor offer?_____________

A Living in different weather conditions.
B Staying in damp weather conditions.
C Changing accommodation in California.
D Doing nothing for a while.

3. What is the synonym of the word “damp”?_______________

A Warm.
B Cold.
C Wet.
D Deep.

4. What was the reason of Willie’s illness, as the doctors saw it? ________________

A Dry climate.
B Particular climate.
C Damp climate.
D Humid climate.

5. What was the true reason of Willie's illness?________________

A A wrong size of his shirts.
B A favourite style of his shirts.
C A favorite pattern of his shirts.
D His stubbornness and arguments with a clerk.

1.C; 2.A; 3.C; 4.B; 5.A