Пробне ЗНО 2012

Завантажити тест:

Task 1. Reading

Read the text below. Match choices (A – H) to (1 – 5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

It’s not Me, It’s My Hormones!

1 _________

When you feel like you can’t even crack a smile, force yourself to do something fun. Hook up with a funny friend or watch a comedy movie or TV show and laugh till you cry! It might be an act at first, but you’ll soon be giggling for real!

2 _________

There’s nothing wrong with crying! If you feel yourself welling up and you’re in a quiet and private place, go for it! You’ll feel so much better. Just make sure you’ve got some tissues close by!

3 _________

It really is true! Certain foods are great for making you happy. When you’re feeling low, reach for some good mood food — nuts, beans, fish, fruit will all put a smile on your face!

4 _________

Get creative! Having a project to work on can take your mind off the stresses of growing up. You could work on a painting or drawing, take some cool photos or even make some clothes or customise the ones you’ve got! The feelings of pride and success you’ll get when you finish your project will be unbeatable!

5 _________

Keeping a diary or channelling your thoughts and feelings into a story, poem or article can really help get things into perspective. You could even keep a blog — just be sure not to give any personal information away, like your name, age or address. Years from now, you can take a look at what you’ve written and remember, you can get through anything!

A Let It Out!

B You Are What You Eat

C Laugh!

D Write Down Your Feelings

E Communicate and Relax

F Eat Something Tasty!

G Make Something

H Exercise Every Day!

Task 2. Reading

Read the text below. For questions (6 – 10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

16-year-old Australian Begins Her Solo Adventure

A 16-year-old Australian girl sailed her yacht out of Sydney harbour today, beginning an attempt to become the youngest person to single-handedly navigate the globe unassisted, despite concerns over her age and expertise. If all goes to plan, Jessica Watson will spend the next eight months alone on board her 10-metre vessel, navigating 28,000 miles through some of the world’s most dangerous seas.

Around 100 boats gathered under grey skies in the harbour to see her off. Watson did not speak to reporters before she left, but her mother, Julie, posted an update on the solo sailor’s blog. “I know you are all anxious to hear from Jess, but she’s a little preoccupied on her first day, so she asked me to post a quick note to let everyone know that the departure went well this morning,” she wrote.

While Watson’s family insists the teenager is a sufficiently skilled and experienced sailor, with expertise in navigation, electronics and maritime safety, her plan has sparked a debate in Australia about whether someone so young is ready for such a challenge. There was further worry after Watson’s yacht collided with a Chinese cargo ship last month.

Some of Australia’s most experienced sailors, and the government of Watson’s home state, Queensland, have urged her not to go ahead with the voyage. Watson will be in contact with her family and support team via radio and email, as well as updating her blog. “I think a lot of Australians are nervous for Jessica. I’m nervous for her,” the country’s deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, told Nine Network TV. “Since she’s determined to go, I wish her the best of luck and urge her to keep safe.”

A British 17-year-old, Mike Perham, became the youngest solo round-the-world sailor in August following a nine-month voyage, although a stop for repairs ’en route’ meant his trip did not count as unassisted. The youngest sailor to complete the voyage unassisted is another Australian, Jesse Martin, who was 18 when he completed it in 1999.

6. In paragraph 1 the author states that Jessica.

A is the world record holder in solo sailing

B has started on a risky round-the-world voyage

C plans to spend half a year in the open sea

D lacks the experience for around-the-world trip

7. According to the text, what happened on the day of Jessica’s departure?

A A lot of ships followed Jessica’s yacht.

B Jessica refused to talk to the journalists.

C The weather changed for the worse.

D Julia informed the public of Jessica’s voyage.

8. All of the following are mentioned in paragraph 3 EXCEPT .

A Jessica’s parents are sure she has received enough training

B Jessica’s age has been a major concern for the public

C Jessica’s yacht has expensive equipment on board

D Jessica’s vessel has recently been hit in an accident

9. Which of the following is TRUE according to paragraph 4?

A Jessica can get professional advice during her voyage.

B The state’s authorities assist in Jessica’s solo trip.

C The people of Australia are proud of their young heroine.

D Jessica’s voyage is covered on her parents’ webpage.

10. The expression ’en route’ in line 27 is closest in meaning to .

A while sailing

B while relaxing

C while departing

D while training

Task 3. Reading

Read the texts below. Match choices (A – H) to (11 – 16). There are three choices you do not need to use.

11 _________

14 __________

12 __________

15 __________

13 __________

16 __________

At this restaurant _________.

A oriental food and local beer are served

B they mainly serve seafood

C unique and delicious meat courses are offered

D you can make on-line reservations

E you can enjoy live music twice a week

F traditional cuisine and music are offered

G you can eat in or take away

H meat as well as vegetarian dishes is available

Task 4. Reading

Read the text below. Choose from (A–H) the one which best fits each space (17–22). There are two choices you do not need to use.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are native to the New World. Indeed, (17) _________ that he brought back to Europe after his first voyage here. There are 27 species of Amazon parrot. Most parrot species are bred successfully in captivity and several types of Amazons are available from breeders and pet stores here in Canada. Prices generally range, depending on the species, from 800 to 1600, (18) _________.

Amazon parrots are very good at talking and imitating sounds. One test subject, Alex — a parrot, can name about 40 objects, identify seven different colours, and say whether two objects are the same or different; and indisputably, (19) _________. Studies put the intelligence of these feathered chatterboxes on the same level as three-year-old humans, dolphins and monkeys.

Amazons are actually very similar in personality to monkeys. Parrots are very energetic, playful, social creatures that crave lots of interaction with their human owners. The best pet birds are hand-raised and have bonded early with human companions. More than other parrot species, (20) _________. They can be, at different times, loud, quiet, stubborn, silly, playfully aggressive or irritable. They will play and fight with their toys for hours on end (21)_________. Sometimes, an Amazon may temporarily become quite aggressive. Careless owners have had fingers or ears bitten.

You really have to understand your bird’s moods and behaviours (22) _________ . Amazon parrots are definitely not for all pet owners, they need much more love and attention than most people would expect. Owning an Amazon is very similar to owning a dog with wings.

A with a premium paid for the breeds that are considered to be better "talkers"

B even rolling over on their backs to juggle a ball or play with some string

C the research has clearly shown that it is very intelligent and will speak in context

D as the trickier aspect of owning an Amazon parrot

E and talking ability will vary from species to species and from bird to bird

F Christopher Columbus himself apparently gave the name "Amazon" to the green, short winged parrots

G they also love being around people, and they are particularly good at speaking

H Amazons are well known for their strong or often moody characters


Read the text below. For questions (23–32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).


Whether it is in print or on television, radio, or billboards, advertising profoundly (23) _________ our life. The ads we see, hear, and smell (in the case of open-and-sniff perfume inserts in magazines) (24) _________ how we feel and what we think about a wide range of products. Companies pay a lot of money to persuade us that their products are the best.

Advertising has a long history in North America. As early as the 1600s, ads were used to (25)_________ English settlers to the Colonies. According to historian Daniel Boorstin, these brochures (26) _________ “hopeful overstatements, half-truths, and downright lies…”

In the 1700s famous (27)________ were involved in the advertising business, (28) _________ them Benjamin Franklin, who ran ads in his publications. And with the boom in mass-circulation magazines, the advertising became the powerful force it is today. Television arrived in the 1940s and (29) _________ a new, action-packed advertising medium.

Creating a good ad isn’t as (30) _________ as it might seem. One key is to find the right spokes person. An effective approach is to have the company president speak. Still another option is to create (31) _________ characters, such as the Speedy Alka-Seltzer fellow, or an animated parrot (Gillette).

A memorable slogan is helpful as well: “I can’t (32) _________ I ate the whole thing”; “Where is the beef?”; “You deserve a break today”…

23 influences inherits installs introduces
24 accept infect affect protect
25 win attract invade involve
26 contained consisted located contributed
27 numbers members peoples figures
28 along among between through
29 stayed remained created resulted
30 slight easy light heavy
31 undesirable unforgivable uninviting unforgettable
32 suppose consider hope believe


Read the text below. For questions (33–42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Planting the seeds of change

The Green Wave project aims to help meet the goals of the United Nations Convention (33)________ Biological Diversity by (34)________ young people on the importance of biodiversity. In an ambitious program, students from schools all across the world (35)________ to mark the International Day for Biodiversity each year by planting a single tree of an inborn or locally important species. On May 22nd, (36)_________ student groups will each plant their tree — uniting to send a ’green wave’ from east to west around the planet. Promoting research and learning about nature, encouraging team-work and partnership across countries and continents, The Green Wave (37)________ a positive step toward maintaining biodiversity all over the world.

33 about on for of
34 educate educated educating educates
35 have been invited have been inviting invite have invited
36 this those that these
37 take is taking taking taken

A Skiing City Break in Austria

Postcard-pretty Innsbruck is the ideal destination for anyone who wants (38)_________ a skiing holiday with a city break. The capital of the Habsburg Empire in the late middle ages, it has a charming old town with many ornate medieval buildings, together with natural baroque additions, (39)________ the cathedral. The city is home to a wealth (40)________ museums, galleries, bars and restaurants, and (41)________ twice played host to the Winter Olympics, so it has plenty of winter-sports facilities, and — just a short train ride out of town — ski tracks to challenge the most (42)________ of skiers.

38 combine to combine combines combined
39 included include including includes
40 for off in of
41 has have had is having
42 accomplishing accomplish accomplished accomplishes


43. You were going to visit your friend in London at the beginning of June. But unfortunately the schedule of the independent testing has been changed. Write a letter to your friend and:

  • Apologize for breaking your plans
  • State the reason of your not coming
  • Express your regret about postponing your meeting
  • Ask if it is possible to come later in the summer

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write your own name, any dates, addresses or other personal information.