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Level: B1 Everybody needs a roof over their heads. Students live in the dorm. Young couples rent an apartment. The people who want to move together need an apartment. The big families need a big apartment.Детальніше
Good LuckDo you know why there are so many greeting cards with featured cats in them in England? It is lucky there to meet a black cat. What do we do when we do not want to stave off bad luck? We touch wood and knock on wood. It is also lucky to touch wood in England.Детальніше
Early in history man began to count time by days, months and seasons. It was the beginning of a calendar. When he learned the movement of, the sun better he began to use the year to count time. The Greeks began their calendar from the Olympic Games, in 776 BC.Детальніше
Dress neatly and smartly.Speak politely.Be self-disciplined.Have a sense of humour.Greet one another with a smile.Say 'Hello' ,’Hi' in informal situations.Say "Good morning", "How do you do" In formal situations.Детальніше
The largest part of the land was covered with forests - a natural landscape. Humans had very simple tools to work on the land. Droughts and floods, cold and heat and specially severe winters, heavy rainstorms or bad weather could destroy a large part of the harvest.Детальніше
by Vika Rovinska Children all over the world like toys. A toy is an excellent tool for learning and development. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life.Детальніше
by Inna Kovtutska Birthdays, things for celebrating birthdays, ways of celebrating A birthday is a special day for a person. It is a favourite children’s holiday. It’s an unusual day for adults. On this day we are in the centre of attention.Детальніше
by Lena Chala What do parents feel when a baby is born? They feel love, happiness and enjoyment, because they have expected for it for a long time. They are also worried because they take a responsibility upon themselves for a new life.Детальніше
by Yulia Hrytsyna Gemini are often slender, tall or of medium height and they have distinctive face features. The movements of this sign of zodiac are fast, and in general they are very lively. The sign of Gemini is considered to be very changeable.Детальніше
Signals Meanings You always look right. You are creative. You tell something interesting. You make things up. You look right and down. You are not sure about your feelings.Детальніше
by Natalia Shocot Do not judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat. Don't judge a book by its cover. Appearances are deceptive. All is not gold that glitters.Детальніше
by Larissa Katiukha The people born under the Zodiac Sign Aries are curious, energetic and enthusiastic individuals, who want to initiate and make things happen rather than being mere spectators. They are action-oriented.Детальніше

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