Пошук за тегом «adverbs»

back  the back door / I will come back soon.Детальніше
cleanly  He vaulted cleanly through the open window. (smoothly) closely  study something closely (densely / compactly / thoroughly) coldly  We received them coldly.Детальніше
Adjectives 1. Adjectives are used before a noun. She has got long hair. 2. Adjectives are used after appear, be, become, get, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, stay, taste, grow, turn as linking verbs. These roses smell nice.Детальніше
Grammar: Present Simple Age: kids / teens  Level: intermediate Adverbs of frequency never always often very often quite often seldom rarely frequently generally normally occasionally regularly 1. Use adverbs of frequency.Детальніше
be It is impossible to describe. appear He appeared willing to reach an agreement become In a minute the substance will become hard. feel We feel comfortable.Детальніше
Adjectives/ adverbs Examples Adverbs with ly-changing meanings Examples deep = a long way down Deep in my heart I know it is over.Детальніше

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