Creative Writing for Teens

Creative Writing for Kids

by Olia Petliak

1. Imagine that you can travel in the past. Who do you want to meet (Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra etc.)? Why? Where would you meet? What would you ask?

2. You are a travel agent. What is the best holiday that you can offer? Describe.

3. Who is the most important person in the world history?

4. What is the most important gadget for our life? Why?

5. Imagine that you are in the police car chasing someone who is driving over the speed limit. Describe what is happening?

6. Describe the place which is the best for your free time activities.

7. What is the house of your dream? Describe it.

8. You are building a city. What will be there? Describe it.

9. You are a famous scientist. You will have a speech about the environment. What would you say?

10. What job is the most important for people? Why?

11. Compare life in the past with modern life. (inventions, transport etc.)

12. What is a day to remember for you?

13. You can travel all over the world. Where would you go? Why? (seas, mountains, forests etc.)

14. What qualities should you have to be the president?

15. What is a day to remember for you?

16. You are a screenwriter. Write a script of your own film. (comedy, detective, thriller etc.)

17. You are a crazy scientist. You create a new kind of animal. Describe it.

18. How will people travel in future? Describe their means of transport.

by Natalia Yanchura

1. You are certain that most teenagers lead unhealthy lifestyle and are seriously worried about the fact as you see your generation is getting weaker and suffers from poor health. Suggest any ideas that can change the situation. Make up an instruction pamphlet for your coevals to influence their minds and attitude to the situation.

2. Coach potato lifestyle has become widely spread among young people. You have an opportunity to change it by creating and founding any special place(s) for teenagers to entertain themselves. What is the place? What sort of activities does it offer? How can it attract and get teenagers interested in it?

3. The influence of people on nature has almost reached the top point. It's high time to provide any changes otherwise we will have no place to live, no food to eat. You as a member of new generation and society have the chance to offer these changes. What are these changes? What do you start with? What problems do you find the urgent and what solutions can you offer?

4. You are the Minister of Education in Ukraine. You want to introduce the School of the Future in your country. Write about the subjects that are in your school, what pupils do/study there. Also don't forget to speak about the most important school rules that pupils must follow; clothes to wear; how to spend their freetime there.

by Vika Shevchuk

Level: Pre-Intermediate

1. In your opinion, all the shopping malls in your city are unattractive and boring. You want to design and create something unusual in your city (in the air, under water, underground). Imagine the shopping mall of your dream. What does your shopping mall offer? Are there any discounts? Which unusual activities can visitors do here? What are the offers for fitness freaks? What are unusual ways of birthday celebrations?

2. It’s something unbelievable. You survived in the swamps. You with a group of other people and a guide visited the Florida Everglades a few days ago. Some people got stuck in mud and died, others got caught in a flash flood. You with your friend survived. You’re witnesses of these events and you have to tell everything to the police. What happened? Why did so many people die? Did you meet any dangerous creatures in the swamps? 

3. Imagine that you live in the wonderland. Your country is called “The country of miracles and kind people”. Everybody dreams to live in your country. All residents obey the law and follow all the rules. The citizens are very polite and helpful. Describe the life in your country. Which unusual rules are there? What should citizens do? What do they have to do? 

4. You are the most famous film director of all the times. You created the film that impressed humanity. You won a lot of awards for this film. You got even Oscar for your film. Now you’re on the conference and you’re going to tell about all the secrets of your film. Which special effects did you use? What was the plot about?

5. You and your friend are lost in the Everglades and you are in trouble. You get caught in a flash flood. You don’t know how to survive. Discuss with your friend all possible ways to get out of the Everglades.

6. You got lost in the jungle and you have spent three days. You have survived. Describe your adventures. Tell what happened to you. Did you meet dangerous animals? Did you get a snake bite? Did you get stuck in mud?

7. Your plane crashed into the rock on an island. All the passengers survived but they had to live on an island. You are one of these passengers. Discuss with other passengers what to do. What are you going to do? Do you have any chances to survive in this situation?

8. You have just returned from your trip to Rio de Janeiro. You’ve visited a lot of incredible sights there but you’ve also seen some poor crumbling shacks. You’re talking to your friend. Tell him/her about your trip and places that you visited. What impressed you most? Which views did you see?

9. You’re a journalist on TV. You decided to visit Rio de Janeiro and compare the conditions of people’s lives. Imagine that you’re walking around the city and telling the viewers the information about Rio de Janeiro and its districts.

Situation 1
You are a famous film director. The last film that you created was the most successful. You are giving an interview. Tell about original ideas that you used in your film. Share your experience with those who want to become directors in the future. Describe the plot of your film.

Situation 2 (2 students)
You are a screenwriter and a film director. You’re arguing at the moment. The film director has already chosen a group of actors who will star in the film. But the screenwriter finds some actors not talented and he/she feels that they won’t cope with their tasks. Try to reach a compromise.

Situation 3
You’re a film expert. You know everything in this sphere. You’re on the conference which is called “Films of our future”. Tell how films will change in the future, which types of films will be interesting for people. Tell how film industry has changed.

by Natalia Shokot

Level: Intermediate

1. If you could meet a prominent person from the past who would it be. What would you ask him\her? What will he\she tell you?

2. If you could live one day of a famous person from the past who would it be?

3. How to be safe in the jungle?

4. If you were a millionaire where would you live. Describe your house.

5. You are a mayor in an imaginary city. Write about the citizens’ behaviour and the community of the city.

6. My best \ worst eating out experience.

7. You are a restaurant inspector. Imagine that you have inspected Chillout in Dubai. Write a comment into the newspaper.

8. You are going to open you own unusual restaurant. Where will it be? What will be the speciality of the restaurant?

9. You are a story teller. Write a legend with your favourite fairytale characters in it.

10. Write a screenplay for a movie “Catch me if you can 2”. (the main character commits many cases of crime but avoids punishment.

11.You are a parent of Vincenzo Peruggia. Write about your son and aboutprobable reasons for the crime which he committed.

12. Six reasons to visit Ukraine.

13. If you could change 3 things in the world what would you do?

14. F. Dostoevskyi said “Beauty will save the world”. What do you think will save the world or at least make it a better place?

15. A holiday of my dream

16. The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.

17. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

18. All that glitters, is not gold.

19. My best friend must be...

20. My hero is…

21. Write an e-mail to your friend and tell about-your

  • family;
  • sports in Ukraine;
  • your favourite movie / sport / music star (describe him \ her).

Creative Writing for Kids

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