Plurals "Y" Endings

Consonants + y = ies Vowel+y+s
an ally - allies
an army - armies
a baby - babies
a beauty - beauties
a berry - berries
a cherry - cherries
a city - cities
a cry - cries
a colony - colonies
a country - countries
a dictionary - dictionaries
a duty - duties
an enemy - enemies
a fairy - fairies
a family - families
a ferry - ferries
a fly - flies
a floppy - floppies
a gallery - galleries
a history - histories
an injury - injuries
a jelly - jellies
a kitty - kitties
a lady - ladies
a lily - lilies
a nanny - nannies
a navy - navies
a history - histories
a party - parties
a pony - ponies
a reply - replies
a secretary - secretaries
a sky - skies
a spy - spies
a story - stories
a study - studies
a symphony - symphonies
a theory - theories
a trophy - trophies
a try - tries
a university/universities
a variety - varieties
a victory - victories

alley - alleys
attorney - attorneys
essay - essays
boy - boys
delay - delays
guy - guys
jay - jays
key - keys
osprey - ospreys
play - plays
ray - rays
stray - strays
toy - toys
tray - trays
turkey - turkeys
valley - valleys
way - ways

Add a proper plural ending

1.There are two way __________ of approaching this problem.
2.The soil is not very productive, although agriculture flourishes in the valley _____________ .
3.Among the farm birds there were a few wild turkey _________ .
4. Donkey _________ have been doing heavy work for donkey’s years.
5.The stowed tray __________ have suddenly collapsed with a loud clashю
6.He was really too old for children's toy _______________.
7.A bunch of key __________ clanked in his hands annoyingly.
8.The stray ________ have been immediately delivered to hospital.
9.The lanes and alley _________ of the early city were unpaved and filthy with slops from the houses.
10.The district attorney __________ were flooded with silly complaints.
11.There have always been traffic delay ___________ in this area.
12.We improve ourselves by __________ victory over ourselves.
13.There are hundreds of different _________ variety of apple.
14.There are a lot of _________ theory about the origin of life.
15.Policemen on special __________ duty may carry arms.

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