​Present Perfect versus Past Simple in Drill

  1. Have you walked today? Where did you go?
  2. Have you fed your pet today? What did you feed the pet with?
  3. Have you gathered the harvest in your garden this year? What did you gather?
  4. Have you cleaned and washed your flat this week? When did you clean and wash your flat?
  5. Have you been to a dentist this year? What clinic were you at?
  6. Have you lost anything this month? What did you lose?
  7. Have you mended anything this month? What did you mend?
  8. Have you ever dived? Where did you dive?
  9. Have you ever driven a car? When did you drive last?
  10. Have you ever ridden a camel? When did you ride a camel?
  11. Have you ever eaten caviar? When did you eat it?
  12. Have you ever eaten snails or frogs? Where did you eat them?
  13. Have you ever found anything valuable? What did you find?
  14. Have you ever missed the train? How did it happen?
  15. How many times have you been to the cinema this year? Where were you?
  16. How many presents have you had this year? What did you have?
  17. How many delicious/disgusting breakfasts have you had this week? What did you have?
  18. How many cups of coffee have you had today? When did you have them?
  19. How many exercises in English have you done today? What did you do?
  20. How many mistakes in English have you made today? What mistakes did you make?
  21. Have you sent e-mails or letters this month? Who did you send them to?
  22. Have you ridden a bicycle/a camel/ a bike this year? Where did you ride?
  23. Have you passed any exams this year? What did you pass?
  24. Has a stranger rung you this month? Who rang you?
  25. Has anybody stolen anything from you this year? What did they steal?
  26. How many times have you overslept this week? How long did you sleep?
  27. Have you seen any of your friends lately? Whom did you see?
  28. How long have you lived in your present house or flat? When did you move in it?
  29. How long have you known your best friend? How did you meet?
  30. How long have you worn your hair style? When did you first wear it?
  31. How long have you had English lessons? When did you have your first lesson?
  32. How long have you worn the shoes you are wearing today? Where did you buy them?
  33. How long have you had your mobile? Where did you buy it?
  34. How long have you had your laptop? When did you buy it?

Present Perfect vs Past Simple. Grammar Conversational Worksheet

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