​Present Perfect vs Past Simple. Grammar Conversational Worksheet

Present Perfect versus Past Simple in Grammar-Conversational Worksheet

Actions and periods finished (unfinished) up to now


actions finished at a specific past moment/period.

Open the brackets and answer the questions:

  1. How long you (to live) at your present address? ___________________
  2. When you (to move) in this house/flat? __________________________
  3. How long you (to know) your neighbours / friends? _________________
  4. When you (to see) them for the fist time? ________________________
  5. How long you (to have) this hair style? __________________________
  6. You (to have) this hairstyle in childhood? ________________________
  7. How long you (to have) your favorite shoes? ______________________
  8. When you (to put) them on first / last time? _______________________
  9. How long you (to have) this lesson? When this lesson (to start)? ______
  10. How long you (to have) your most valuable present? _______________
  11. How long you (to be) happy? __________________________________
  12. How long you (to be) here? ___________________________________
  13. How long you (to live) in the village in childhood? __________________
  14. How long you (to have) your favorite toy in childhood? ______________
  15. What you (not to do) for ages? ________________________________
  16. What you (to hear) for the lat quarter of an hour? __________________
  17. What music you (to like) for the last two years? ___________________
  18. What (to be) the ecology in the past? ___________________________
  19. How better / worse it (to be) over the last years? ___________________
  20. You ever (to lose) anything? __________________________________
  21. What you (to lose)? _________________________________________
  22. You ever (to break) anything valuable? What it (to be)? _____________
  23. What you never (to taste)? ___________________________________
  24. What you always (to like)? ____________________________________
  25. Who you always (to love)? ____________________________________
  26. You ever (to spill) hot drinks onto yourself? When it (to happen) last time?
  27. You ever (to make) sand figures, when you were at the seaside? _____
  28. How many times you (to be) abroad so far? Where you to be? When you (to be) there?
  29. How many interesting films you (to see) this month? _______________
  30. How often you (to be) late this month? ___________________________
  31. How often you (to miss) your lessons this year? ___________________
  32. What new activities you (to try) yet? When you (to try) them? ________
  33. How much you (to save) yet? When you (to start) saving? __________
  34. You (to pay) all the bills this month? ____________________________
  35. You (to pay) all the bills last month? ____________________________
  36. How much money you (to spend) this year? ______________________
  37. What you (to buy) this year in summer? _________________________
  38. Where you (to be) today yet? __________________________________
  39. Where you not (to be) today yet? _______________________________
  40. Where you (to be) today morning? _____________________________
  41. What crazy things you (to do) in your life? ________________________
  42. What crazy things you (not to do) in your life? ____________________
  43. What crazy things you (to do) in childhood? _______________________
  44. What the weather (to be) like lately? ____________________________
  45. What the weather (to be) like when went out today? ________________
  46. What you (to buy) lately? _____________________________________
  47. Who you (to see) lately? _____________________________________
  48. Who you (to miss) lately? ____________________________________
  49. When you (to see) them last time? _____________________________
  50. How much you (to change) since childhood? _____________________
  51. Who you (not to see) since childhood? __________________________
  52. How much your English (to improve) since the first lesson? __________
  53. When you (to have) your first English lesson? _____________________
  54. What you (to learn) since you (to be) a student of the language school?
  55. How your apartment (to change) since you (to move) in it? __________
  56. What (to change) in medicine in the last years? ___________________
  57. What (to change) in environment in the past years? ________________
  58. How many new foreign words you (to learn) yet? __________________
  59. How many new foreign words you (to learn) last week? _____________
  60. How many people you (to help) so far? __________________________
  61. You are tired. How long you (to work)? __________________________
  62. Your car is dirty. How many kilometers you (to drive)? ______________
  63. You are sweaty. How many kilometers you (to run)? _______________
  64. You are lucky. How much money you (to win)? ____________________
  65. How much money you (to donate) for charity so far? How much you (to donate) last time?

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