Meanings Situations which will happen in the future in the normal course of events. Situations in progress at a certain time in the future. Habits or repeated actions at a point in the future. Actions lasting a period of time in the future.Детальніше
Meanings weather forecasts distant future predictions predictions based on opinions future facts / promises / requests / refusals / willingness / offers / intentions sudden decisions made at the moment of speaking commands / invitations / threats / sugДетальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They He She It Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I We You They He She It had + been + V Детальніше
IF is followed by will in the meaning of 1. whether — not condition I am not sure if I will stay there longer. 2. a) an emphasis on a result in the condition, meaning “indeed”, certainly, well to be done.Детальніше
№ Tense Formation Time Expression 1.Детальніше
Have you walked today? Where did you go? Have you fed your pet today? What did you feed the pet with? Have you gathered the harvest in your garden this year? What did you gather? Have you cleaned and washed your flat this week? When did you clean and wash your flat?Детальніше
Past Continuous Active is formed by was (past to be form for singular subjects)/were (past to be form for plural subjects) +verb +ing (or participle I/present participle). Stative (that do not express action) verbs are not used in Past Continuous.Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I am Ved or V3 Am I Ved or V3 I am + not Детальніше
Comment on the following examples. Change them into Active Voice. Think of a proper action doer if it is not mentioned. Since prehistoric time extraneous substances have been added to food by man. Oh!Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I We You They have + been + Ving Have I we you Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I He She It Ved or V2 Was I he she it Ved or V2 Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They V(e)s Do Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They have Ved Детальніше
Present Continuous in Passive Voice is formed by: Subject + am/is/are + being + Ved/3d column for statements. Am/is/are + subject + being + Ved/3d column for questions. Subject + am/is/are (+not) + being + Ved/3d column for negatives.Детальніше
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