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Use the words in bold in the correct Passive form: 1. I_______________ (introduce) to her parents when they were on holidays. 2. When I get home, all my bags for my trip _______________ (pack). 3. Which book _______________ (refer) to in your report? 4.Детальніше
Change the sentences in the active voice into the passive voice. 1. We reached the destination at midnight. 2. Mother has lit the candles. 3. She instantly opened the door. 4. My roommates are treating me badly. 5.Детальніше
Present Simple - regular action, timetables, schedules Active: speak(s) Passive: is / am / are spoken Past Simple - finished known when / where  Active: spoke Passive: was / were spoken Future Simple - not planned / spontaneous action  ActiДетальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I am Ved or V3 Am I Ved or V3 I am + not Детальніше
Comment on the following examples. Change them into Active Voice. Think of a proper action doer if it is not mentioned. Since prehistoric time extraneous substances have been added to food by man. Oh!Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I He She It Ved or V2 Was I he she it Ved or V2 Детальніше
Present Continuous in Passive Voice is formed by: Subject + am/is/are + being + Ved/3d column for statements. Am/is/are + subject + being + Ved/3d column for questions. Subject + am/is/are (+not) + being + Ved/3d column for negatives.Детальніше

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