Пошук за тегом «tenses»

Meanings Situations which will happen in the future in the normal course of events. Situations in progress at a certain time in the future. Habits or repeated actions at a point in the future. Actions lasting a period of time in the future.Детальніше
Meanings weather forecasts distant future predictions predictions based on opinions future facts / promises / requests / refusals / willingness / offers / intentions sudden decisions made at the moment of speaking commands / invitations / threats / sugДетальніше
Present Simple - regular action, timetables, schedules Active: speak(s) Passive: is / am / are spoken Past Simple - finished known when / where  Active: spoke Passive: was / were spoken Future Simple - not planned / spontaneous action  ActiДетальніше
Present You do not have to do it. You do not need to do it. You do not do it. He / She does not have to do it. He / She does not need to do it. He / She does not do it. Past You did not have to do it.Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They He She It Детальніше
Grammar: tenses Answer the questions What do you usually do that nobody else in your family does? What kind of sports are you doing now? How long have you known your neighbors?Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They have Ved Детальніше

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