Unchanging Singular and Plural Forms

aircraft (самолет)
craft (ремесло)
quid ()
bison (бизон)
deer (олень)
moose (лось)
offspring (отпрыск)
sheep (овца)

In a plural sense by the piece the followings add s/es

trout (форель)
carp (карп)
cod (треска)
mackerel (скумбрия)
pike (щука)
plaice (камбала)
salmon (лосось)
squid (кальмар)
turbot (палтус)
fish (рыба)
fruit (фрукт)
swine (свинья)

swine / swines

  1. These aircraft are on display.
  2. Those sailing craft were maneuvered with great difficulty.
  3. Could you lend me twenty quid, mate?
  4. Are those humpbacked shaggy-haired wild oxen called bison?
  5. A couple of deer are grazing and browsing calmly over there.
  6. Moose are native to Norther Eurasia and North America.
  7. My offspring make me rather anxious.
  8. We passed the grassland on which a flock of sheep were grazing.
  9. Both our sheep have calfs.
  10. All the swine are infected with swine fever.
  11. Are the trouts we are cooking the lake or sea trout?
  12. Carp are farmed for food in some parts of the world and are widely kept in large ponds.
  13. Some of them managed to catch a couple of pikes.
  14. The members of the mackerel family, which includes the tunas, are fast-moving marine predators and often popular as game fish.
  15. A fillet of several plaice with sautéd rice and vegetables makes the best garnish.
  16. The chef made a splendid lunch of several smoked salmon for all the guests.
  17. Add the prawns and a couple of squid and cook for 2 minutes.
  18. This recipe says we need a fillet of two turbot with mushrooms.
  19. The fish were counted and an average weight recorded.
  20. An expert angler was casting his line and catching a fish every time… Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  21. We give thanks for the fruits of the earth.
  22. Fresh fruit and vegetables provide fibre and vitamins.
  23. We savored bananas and other tropical fruits.
  24. Try to eat at least one piece of fruit a day.

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