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Are you good at languages? Are you quite at home with any foreign language? I’m quite at home with my English. I know three languages fairly well. I have a good command of the language. I have a working knowledge of English. They take me for an Englishman.Детальніше
Word Translation adding machines арифмометр, счётная машина arm ручка, подлокотник (кресла) ballpoint/Biro (pen) шариковая ручка bulldog clip (a metal clip withДетальніше
Word Translation climbing frame/jungle gym лазалка roundabout карусель sandpit sandbox пісочниця sandpit bucket and spade дитяче відерце для піДетальніше
Word Translation baking sheet a flat piece of metal on which you bake foods such as biscuits or pies in an oven balloon whisk a hand whisk made of loops of wire barbecue барбекю (большая рама с решёткой для жаренья или копчения мяса большими кусками) broiler Детальніше
Clothes/Clothing(formal) Одяг A-line одяг "колоколом", який розширюється донизу backless З глибоким вирізом (про жіноче плаття) 2) без спинки baggy мішкуватий becoming до лиця, вишуканий, елегантний brief короткий clinging в обтяжку close-fitting плотноДетальніше
Appearance Vocabulary Morning Routine Vocabulary Origin And Nationality Vocabulary a man of character человек с характером a quick mind быстрый ум a sharp mind острый ум a woman of greДетальніше
What does he look like?         He is a handsome man. She is lovely (lovely-looking). She is beautiful. She has the alluring smile. She is decidedly pretty. I have never seen a face- half so beautiful. She is an attractive (a fetching) girl.Детальніше
ORIGIN AND NATIONALITY ПРОИСХОЖДЕНИЕ И НАЦИОНАЛЬНОСТЬ What country, are you from? (What country do you come from? Where are you from?) Откуда Вы родом? Where is your birthplace?Детальніше
What is your name? How do they call you? How is one to call you? Как Вас зовут? My name is… I am called… Меня зовут... I shall call you by your first name. Я буду Вас звать по имени.Детальніше
When I arrived in England, I couldn't speak a word of English, so I decided to take some lessons. My teacher told us that we should be careful as in many ways English was a confusing language. Many a trap lies waiting for the unsuspecting student.Детальніше
• As big as an elephant • As black as coal • As blind as a bat • As bold as brass • As boring as watching paint dry • As brave as a lion • As bright as a button • As busy as a bee Детальніше
I heard means “heard” something from a specific source (a friend, newspaper, magazine, internet, etc) . It may have been once or multiple times. I heard the president had got divorced.Детальніше
Elder, eldest used for seniority within a familyYet the elder Bush turned out to have had the better foreign policy. Being the eldest child is a blessing and a curse. Science again says the eldest child Is the smartest of all the siblings.Детальніше
Electric refers to anything that runs on electricity: an electric kettle an electric cooker an electric guitar Electrical refers to something related to electricity: electrical faults electrical components electrical goods electrical engineer Бажаєш закріпити?Детальніше
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