​A Villager And A City Dweller: Present Simple

​A Villager And A City Dweller: Present Simple

Age: ten plus/adults.

Level: pre-intermediate.

Concerns: what people living in a village or city do, describing activities in Present Simple.

Procedure: work in pairs, go over the vocabulary list, ask and answer the question about your every day activities: Where do you live?etc.

Alternatively, teacher makes up a list of questions for students to answer. A pair of students who have answered all the questions go on to persuade each other to live either in a city or a village.

live in a house, get up very early, go to the toilet outside, wash with rainy water, feed the animals (geese, hens, pigs, dogs, rabbits, rabbits, ducks, sheep), work in the garden, clip the flowers and trees in the garden, weed the garden, rake in the garden, water the garden, pave the garden path with stones, dig in the garden, plant potatoes in spring, dig potatoes out in autumn, grow flowers and vegetables, pick up mushrooms and berries, gather the harvest, scythe the grass, mow the lawn with a lawnmower, pitchfork the hay, hoe the flower beds, get very tired, enjoy the village life, breathe the fresh air.

live in a block of flats, get up early, take a bus/tram/trolleybus/taxi to work, work in an office, work with the computer, have lunch in a café, get pizza to an office, communicate with a lot of people, go to the cinema/theatre/gallery, go for a walk in the park, watch TV in the evenings, surf the net, chat with friends on the phone, get good service, get bank service, go shopping a lot, use credit cards, breathe dirty air, enjoy the city life.

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