Adverbs Of Frequency

Age: kids/teens 

Level: intermediate

  • never 
  • always 
  • often 
  • very often 
  • quite often 
  • seldom 
  • rarely 
  • frequently 
  • generally 
  • normally 
  • occasionally 
  • regularly

Use adverbs of frequency. 

Make up as many sensible sentences as possible. 

Make up your own sentences.

People in my country… lose the weight
Penguins in the Antarctic… tolerate a lie
African tribes… fall madly in love
Whales in the ocean… get divorced
Birds in the sky… lock their flats and garages
Children in my school… are cheerful
Teachers in their leisure time… move things around
On Halloween children…. grow apples
On New Year Ukrainians...  go for long walks
On winter holidays children… brush their teeth
On summer holidays children… jog, play tennis and water ski
Americans... tell the truth
Most actors... sing in the bathroom
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